Infoteka's activist talking to a merchant at Zenica's market
  • Infoteka's activist talking to a merchant at Zenica's market
  • A woman merchant happy to be part of our campaign
  • A bag in use
  • 16 days of activism - Rise with the Prize

Saturday, 10th of December 2011 - activists from INFOTEKA Zenica distributed wrapping bags to merchants in Zenica’s market. White ribbons and buttons – to mark the 16 DAYS OF ACTIVISM AGAINST VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN, and wrapping bags with imprinted slogan: A RIGHT TO LIVE WITHOUT VIOLENCE IS A WOMEN’S HUMAN RIGHT to mark the International Human rights day.

Women merchants were more than happy to take part in the action of raising awareness on women’s human rights, and many of them proudly displayed both the ribbons and the wrapping bags.

After the street action, INFOTEKA has organized a small gathering named “Tea, Chocolate and Peace”, and invited its activist, friends and supporters to celebrate the Nobel Prize for Peace that was this year awarded to three women for their non-violent struggle for the safety of women and for women's rights to full participation in peace-building work. We were happy to take part of the global Rise with the Prize Campaign.