Dear members of the GAIN Group,

We are just using this opportunity to be the first to post on our Group journal - and to wish all of us a successful cooperation in the future. We look forward to all your questions, answers, stories ... We look forward to coffees and teas that we will drink together in this virtual world.

Warm regards,



Hello everyone,

Happy to have connected with everyone. We look forward to all the interactions here.

Best wishes,

Gayatri Feminist Approach to Technology (FAT)

Thank you both for your messages! I think our other friends are still in the process of joining PulseWire, so we will post the first question once more have joined the group =)

Looking forward to learning more about the wonderful work all of our grantees are doing!


Dear Collaborators and Friends,

Our thanks to Global Fund for Women and Nike Foundation for giving us this wonderful virtual space to connect and learn from one another! We are very excited to be here and share our experiences of working with adolescent girls in India to combat child sexual abuse and incest.

Warmly, -Suparna

Suparna Kudesia Peer Educator, RAHI Foundation //