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As a young social and development worker, during a three-year-period, I have been asked some acceptable questions very often. My answer for the reason of deciding to become a humanitarian assistant worker is because of my love to my country and my people. I strongly believe from the bottom of my heart it is my responsibility to do so. What motivates me to try very hard to be a woman with a great strength is that I would like to show the world Myanmar women are like that. Hence, my personal vision is to continue studying Development Studies or Public Policy and Administration as my Master degree in the very near future and to have some international experiences for a particular time and than to contribute my efforts to my native land. I hope, when I explore to the countries around the world, I will be able to broaden my horizon, become stronger woman and serve the needy people from the community no matter what it is as I believe I am also a member of global citizens.

I have an opinion that if we would like to establish and build a society and an infrastructure, the most fundamental concept is to have a strong and systematic set up foundation. Unfortunately, in our country, the basic policies and administration systems are in terrible governance. The worst one is every position of government officials, from junior clerk to general, are corrupted. Personally, I do not think my country is a poor one but most of the budgets of the country are leaked to corruption and the gap between rich and poor is very large because of injustice economic policy. As a result, generally, citizens are in poverty.

In terms of education, most of the children in the rural areas cannot access to primary education. Traditionally, our people are easily contented and even do not know that they are not deserved to live in their current situation. Those thoughts and beliefs block them to reach a better future. As we are not taught and have not discussed about citizenship and human right education at our state schools, we do not know the value of democracy, justice and rights and responsibilities of a citizen. If we do not have enough educated personals, we are still in huge challenge to achieve our vision.

Most of the residents of the country cannot effort to their health care service and the sated does not provide this service for the citizens. HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases are not concerned carefully by the government. The girls and women there do not know anything about reproductive health and Myanmar has a high rate of maternal mortality. Sometimes, girls and women have been abused by even army men. There is no one who can stand for them legally. In summary, as our vision is to be a developed and prosperous country, I believe we have to address the issues such as corruption, democratization, economic, health and education in timely.

I have a world in my dream. In this world, we cannot see people who suffer from hunger. Parents can bring up their children well and they can live in commonly accepted living standard in terms of economic and social. All the children are going to school to have a quality primary education under the blue sky. Jobless rate could be reduced because of our effort as we are really afraid of the crimes pushed by unemployment. All understand that women can do it and my ultimate goal of achieving gender equality has succeeded. We have stopped the uncertainties of the future of the earth. All human beings could make benefits from both diversity and unity, concern responsibilities and understand the value of global partnership for development. That is my dream and I wish I was a part in trying dream to do come true.

I strongly believe sharing makes a difference and PulseWire is a place I truly would like to join I have no doubt I and my community will become a valued asset from your program as the space and professional skills you offer will provide me fulfilling of life, experience and study.

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All the best sister !


Sahar Nuraddin

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I always appreciate the best of Love, Faith and Hope! I love my self, I love my community, I love my country and I love my world and those loves really make me better and stronger ME.

Shwe Wutt Hmon

Dear Shwe,

It is your gift to have a positive vision when you describe living in a country in which the government is corrupt and the basics of health care and a primary education are unavailable to most, especially in the rural areas.

You have a clear vision for a livable Myanmar; may you continue, persistently, the steps on your path.

Jan, Your sister in the US

Jan Askin

Dear Jan,

I am just trying my best for my community, my country and myself. I wish I could serve more for them. I strongly believe that's my responsible as an active citizen. And, fortunately, I have a chance to access education, and knowledge so I have a vision that it is my duty to try my fellow citizens to become informed citizens. Thanks for your encouragement.

With Love, Shwe

Shwe Wutt Hmon

Thank you so very much for sharing your insights here in the PW community. I will tell you that I found "your dream" so moving. It is my dream too. I will also say that it is incredible to see how strong and committed you are to making a difference in your country. Keep writing and sharing here. In so doing we learn and grow together.

In Admiration,


Dear Gretchen,

Thank you so much for your comments that really makes me motivate. I am very glad to hear that you have a shared vision with me for the future of our world. I wish your dreams did come true.

Best regards, Shwe

Shwe Wutt Hmon

I hope everything you are working toward comes true! You are ambitious and insightful and I can tell that in your lifetime you will make a big impact on all of the areas of society that you discuss in this piece.

Dear friend,

Thank yo so much for your comment which really motivates me. I wish I could help need people more and took part in a change for the betterment of our future.

With Love, Shwe

Shwe Wutt Hmon