In the Democratic Republic of Congo, there are many of the street children who have no access to school. But others begin a school year and do not end because school fees are the responsibility of the parents who are in large part the poor. To meet this major challenge, PSV claimed the school management of 49 children born to rape Budodo with financial support from Virginia Gildersleeve International Fund for the school year 2012- 2013.Unfortunately these children were left in the street to find fault with another financial support for the continuity of their primary education cycle

Their mothers survivors of sexual violence have been abandoned to their fate by their husbands who accept these children among other children. These children that human beings born against the will of their mothers who, for fear of the laws of the State and the Church have not caused abortions to get rid of this unwanted burden, deserve special attention other humans, men of good will, churches, NGOs and aid agencies, early-school children are left to themselves and without a future. Neglected, they become much more vulnerable to bad influences, delinquency and prostitution.. The Girls abused in domestic work (household domestic), sexual abuse and forced and early marriages. Unjustly condemned and rejected. They are ostracized by society. These girls born of rape need to be helped, supported, encouraged and directed towards a new life. You who read this text, have also tender and generous heart towards the most deprived to make them strong and happy through education. Your help can switch

We express our determination to continue this project to help these marginalized children to find the way to school. We had one donor for one school year only and since that time these children no longer go to school. The project involves 49 children born of rape excluded from education and stigmatized within their community. We ask a school support accompanied by income generating