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Usually observing all from the sidelines, Ukraine these days became the center of attention. What so interesting for the whole world has happened here? To a large extent, yes, the event is unique and can happen will go to tablets and chronicles of the world politics. As an example of the absolute rule of law in a democratic country and the highest level of protection of human rights, Ukraine thinks so and Europe and other countries don’t think so, having already announced the trial of former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko as a shame for Europe. The Polish president even personally rushed to Ukraine especially in order to cover up somehow the event, because Euro 2012 is near at hand, so Poland and Ukraine should not disgrace themselves with some ambiguous processes. However, the "Iron Lady" of Ukraine is in prison. She was sentenced to 7 years and almost 200 million dollars.

The only real man in government Here is the essence of the story. During her governmental service as Prime Minister, Lady Yu was able to negotiate the sale of Russian gas to Ukraine on a "modest" price of $ 450, while other countries have come to a compromise already on the numbers of 250-300 dollars per cubic meter. Apparently, the desire to move to Europe became so strong that - do not be penny wise, anyway money is from the budget - let's go to European prices. Former President of Ukraine during the court process absolutely denied any involvement in mediation, he said, no ordered nothing to noone, was not aware, and in general, that's all she made. To be honest, I do not want to speak if Tymoshenko is right and just was placed in such circumstances, or everything is so trivial and she is just a thief in the scales of the country. Finally, the court adopted condemning decision, let’s say had a good reason for that. However, no one can take my right to think and express my thoughts about why the main hero in this story is Tymoshenko and why it happened after she lost the election, pay attention - scandalous elections, when, like in Khrushchev's time, Yanukovych almost threatened to show to his opponent Kuzka's mother (which means "to teach someone a lesson, to punish someone in a brutal way" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kuzma's_mother). Is there in all this story some kind of subtext? Everyone understands, Yulia Tymoshenko is a woman. And with a woman, and it's not a secret, is much easier to cope. “Come on, Tymoshenko is not a woman”, - these discriminatory words I’ve head last week from one Russian politic in a famous talk-show. And in contradiction to himself he added: “She used her naked knees to earn contracts with other countries.” “She was the only real man in government”, - I’ve heard also this label. To be honest, she could become a champion of negative labeling in her country and maybe even far abroad. The most interesting thing almost all of them is about her gender. But the question is still the same: Why, despite of world condemnation of this ridiculous process, Tymoshenko has still got in jail? And how long she will spend there? The President of the European Parliament, Jerzy Buzek, made the following statement on the sentence of former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko to 7 years in prison: "I deeply regret the Ukrainian court's decision to sentence former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko to 7 years in prison. The context and conditions of this verdict raise concerns about its politically motivated nature and about a selective application of the rule of law in Ukraine. I have serious doubts about fairness, independence and transparency of this trial. The law applied against Tymoshenko dates back to the Soviet times and envisages criminal prosecution for political decisions. This is a rare practice in democratic countries. Ukraine is a great nation that deserves better.”

Topless truth In the day when Tymoshenko was sentenced to the seven years in prison, mass demonstrations erupted in Kyiv. People, at least those who support Tymoshenko, move to the streets to show to the world that they are not agreed with this decision. Youth, men, women and “babushkas” (old ladies in Russian) tried to apply to conscience or at least pity. Ubiquitous “FEMEN” (topless Ukrainian feminists group) this time climbed to the roof of one of the famous mall center in Kiev to protest. “Poor girls, go down, you’ll freeze”, one of babushkas wanted to care about half naked ladies. “But they say Yanukovich and Tymoshenko are equal”, said a journalist to her. “Bitches, you sold yourselves, shameless”, babushka shot back to these girls and loudly yelled again: “Freedom for Tymoshenko”. To be honest, almost noone understands what FEMEN wanted. They began as movement against prostitution in Ukrainian, unfortunately, now they show their charms to support any cause and even without it.

Where is the power? In famous movie about Ukrainian and Russian mafia, were such words: “So tell me, where is the power? Would you say in money? Here even my brother says money is power. You have a lot of money and so what? You know what I think? I think that Truth is power. Whoever has the truth has the power. So look, you scammed somebody and made some money. Did you get more powerful? No, you didn’t. Because you don't have the truth but the one you scammed they have the truth. That means that they have the power. Yes?” All this ridiculous and demonstrative process about Tymoshenko gives a good base to think about female rights in Ukraine. From one side we speak about a woman, because Tymoshenko even being politician still is a woman. And for everyone is very obvious that this is the real reason why new ruling party chose her for this show. But from the other side noone says about this. Because in this extremely democratic country everyone thinks that women have the same rights with men and the only reason why Tymoshenko is in jail is because of her economic crimes and abuse of power. The truth is somewhere in between. From one side, women in Ukraine need to fight to be heard by men, using the tools we have: demonstrations, letters, speeches, blogs, mass media, new and traditional ones. But from the other side, Ukraine needs big changes. We need new female leaders who will give the most important to the people of this beautiful country – hope for better life. I believe, making these changes today, deserving respect and attention of other people with what we say, what we do, we will make it. My country and Ukrainian women deserve this fight to reach these changes…is our civic duty give to our children this chance. The words are with us, let`s work to become true the democracy dream.


I know it's a couple of years too late, but I'm just reading this now. I appreciate the effort and time you put into this journal entry. It is new information to me, and I welcome new knowledge, especially as my sisters around the world are affected. I hope we can all become the "democracy dream"!

Let us Hope together- Michelle aka: Cali gal Listener Sister-Mentor @CaliGalMichelle facebook.com/caligalmichelle Tweets by @CaliGalMich

Don't worry, Michelle, nothing significantly changed since that time. Tymoshenko is still is prison and doctors fight for her health, but of course is even hard to imagine what psychological pressure she had suffered in there... FEMEN moved to international level, and one my friend communicologist said he knows how much they ask for their protest actions. People became more quiet, submissive, they are trying to come to terms with the political dictates and find a way to survive. For women every day becomes more difficult to fight for their rights in this country. Many of them are married to foreigners and went abroad, others are looking for work, study in other countries. But me and many of my friends believe that this situation can not continue indefinitely. In Ukraine there are a lot of talented people, it has great intellectual and cultural potential, one of the most beautiful women in the world, we have great kids who love their country. I believe that my children will have a decent future, and I will do everything I can for this! Thank you very much for your attention to my post, Michelle! This is important for me!

Yes, these women are intelligent, talented, and passionate. You are creating a great world for your children, even in the midst of unfortunate examples set by leaders and others. If you want to create an action plan based on a vision, we/I can help you with that. Although it seems you have a very strong voice and very capable of creating change and actions! All the best to you!

Let us Hope together- Michelle aka: Cali gal Listener Sister-Mentor @CaliGalMichelle facebook.com/caligalmichelle Tweets by @CaliGalMich

Thank you so much, Michelle, for your support! And yes, I am here to speak, to share, and to find support, to provoke discussions, to know what's happening in other countries, find common problems and together make changes. I see that most of problems are the same, then it means we should join our forces and make a common plan. We have so many issues we don't agree with, so many things which men decide for us! I want to change this. I want my children and children of my children feel free, no feel shy because they are Ukrainians, feel proud to be a girl or a boy and feel protected. My biggest problem and my greatest advantage is that I am unstobale optimist. I never give up. And I know with the help and support from you and other my friends and sisters we can do so much! A hug, Iryna