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I am 32 years, almost 33. Who can tell me is much or less? In my life I was already a witness of several politic regimes changes. I was born in the country which not exists any more. I was born in the USSR. For someone could sound trendy, for others scary, but I know for sure, for no one is boring. It was a huge country ruled by communism religion. If you think is just political party you are a little bit wrong. It was strongest religion that involved all people and punished hardly those ones who tried to go upstream.

One Christmas day, in 1991, this huge machine officially died leaving in the hearts of hundreds million, people including me, just emptiness. Traditional religion was forbidden, communism changed into prolonged joke. People were frustrated. Those who had any chance tried to steal as much as possible from this dying animal, Soviet Union. Me with my parents just watched after all changes trying to understand and trying to survive.

But life didn’t stop. New politic regime also was recognized as unpromising. New parties seemed wolves in sheep’s clothing: other faces but same from inside. And suddenly, among all this grayness appeared orange color. Now I can’t say why revolution which happened in 2004 in Ukraine was called orange. But for me this was the first time I saw a woman achieved so high in the politic stairs. It was the first time for me when I understood woman can have weight and influence in this life. She became Prime Minister. Never before (I must confess after also) woman in Ukraine get so high. Of course she was hit by the glass ceiling, but this began something incredible. Women began to believe they can make changes. More women became political and social leaders get better work positions and then men began to think: “maybe they really worth to be listened?”

“Beauty will save the world,” once dropped Dostoyevsky, great Russian writer, in the middle of totally deep but depressing novel “Crime and Punishment”. Everyone understands these words how he wants. But I know, here, in Ukraine, if I have courage to raise my voice I will receive possibility. And through my words I can start transforming the world.

World Pulse is unique place which doesn’t know borders, no limits. Here women from the whole world make connections and not only share their problems but also receive support and advices how to change to the best future. That’s why I’m here. In my almost 33 I am still the biggest optimist. Whatever happens I keep thinking I can do it. I can change things here, in Ukraine, and who knows, maybe in the world! Big road begins from the small step. Pink revolution starts here, from the first word. I do! I say it!

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Thank you, Maddy! For me is very unique that experience I lived in so different times. But so different formally many of things are still the same from inside.

Dear Iryna,

Congratulations on a very impressive piece! I was very interested to learn about your thoughts on the communist regime, especially how you viewed the later political parties as "wolves in sheep's clothing". At the same time, I would have loved to read more about your vision and personal goals, especially how they align with World Pulse's goal of "giving women a voice".

I look forward to reading more! Keep up the great work.

Gaurav Nakhare | WP Listener

Thank you, Gaurav, for attention to my article! I think I have this unique chance to compare absolutely different times but still find so many things stay the same. I will share more pictures from the past and present here, because World Pulse gives this opportunity and because I want Ukrainian women receive a voice and a chance to change their lives for better.

Hope you will follow my journal!

Dear Iryna,

I was so touched by your post! You have a lovely way of personalizing so much history in a short narrative.

And, thank you for reminding me of Dostoyevsky's inspiring words, “Beauty will save the world,” That does reach our hearts, doesn't it?

I would have liked to know more from your essay about how you can interweave your personal story with your ideas for how you can use World Pulse to achieve your personal goals and to help give women the voice they need in the Pink Revolution!

All the best to you. I look forward to the next post in your journal.

Kind regards, Susa

Thank you, Susa, for your nice words :) I agree with you that only after you pass some idea through your heart and share it using your own experience, it comes alive. If you really want to touch someone's heart the best way is to speak with your own heart. And yes, I agree with Dostoyevsky, beauty can save the world. We, women, can change it to better ;)

Best regards, Iryna.