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My dear Lisa,

God blessed the moment when almost seven years ago you appeared in this world. I remember how your tiny hand grabbed strongly my shirt just couple minutes after you were born. I knew you would be a strong girl and a strong woman. I think this is very important. Don’t believe people who say a woman must be weak. A woman must be double strong because her maternal instinct forces her to protect not only herself but also her family. Remember this, and never allow anyone treat you with no respect. You were born to be happy, and I want you always remember the words of Gabriel García Márquez, a famous Latin-American writer: “Nobody deserves your tears, but whoever deserves them will not make you cry.”

My beautiful girl, do you know that you have a combination of at least five bloods: Russian, Ukrainian, German, French, Estonian? They say that when seven bloods are mixed a genius must be born. Honestly, I don’t want you to be a genius, I want you be a good person. I want you be honest, caring, tender and strong in the same time, self-confident and inspiring.

You were born on the unique land in the South of Ukraine. It’s called Crimea. Long time ago people from West and East met here on the Silk Road. That’s why today on the small piece of land you can meet people of about 200 nationalities.

This beautiful, sunny land has an amazing history. Crimean mountains keep the secrets of centuries. They not only have mystic names like “The valley of ghosts”, “Bear mountain” or even “The head of the Empress”, but also full of mystic legends. Tender waves of the Black Sea attract people from different countries, and coastal palaces are saturated with historical memories. I want you love this land and take care about it. I want you be smart and feel the breath of nature always. Already you know that garbage has a special place, a lamp must be turned off if no one is in the room, and a tap can be closed if you are brushing your teeth. Nature gives to us her treasures and we are responsible to keep it safe.

Looking into your grey eyes I understand that you will be a beautiful woman. Ukrainian women are famous for their beauty, but I want you remember, the main beauty is inside of your heart. And already now I can see how beautiful it is. Your heart is open, you are ready to help if someone needs, you like supporting people, you know how to inspire, you know what to do to cheer up, already you have amazing sense of humor which will help you a lot in your life. I hope you will keep all these qualities with you and earn many more, and I will be always near to protect your sometimes very sensitive heart.

William Shakespeare once said, “Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.” Always remember these words. Today life in Ukraine is not easy, not always you can choose the work that you want, not always you can receive a worthy salary, but never, under no one circumstances turn back to people. There could be someone who really needs you, even if it will be just a kind word.

I want you always remember the land which gave you birth. Ukraine is an amazing country; it’s the cradle of many Slavic nations. Our traditions are strong and interesting. On Christmas we cook a special food – kutia, remember how you brought it to your godmother to changer for a present? On the New Year we decorate a pine to find presents under it hidden by Ded Moroz while the clock strikes twelve. On Easter we paint eggs and call them “pysanki”. On St. Nikolay day children find special presents under their pillows.

Of course you like cooking. Ukrainian cuisine is very delicious: borsch, varenyki, salo became world-known. Crimea produces unique aromatic sweet wines.

We have famous poets, sportsmen, artists, actors, singers, scientists.

My dear Lisa, I know you like drawing and music, but whatever profession you will choose you can achieve a lot. Respect yourself, respect other people and respect the country where you were born!

I love you and I will always be near to give you a hand of support or share your happiness, Your mama Iryna

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Thank you for the good words to Lisa she have to be so proud with you, I have noticed that your nation have people who like their nation culture like here in Uganda. Thank you

Yours truly,Mugambe K.Hussein AFSU(Advocacy Through Filming and Screening Uganda)Plot.602 Rubaga RoadP.O.BOX 11519 Kampala-UgandaHelpline:+256-772-365758 Res: +256-414-274114 Off: +256-414-274940/+256-393-296616/+256-414-598486

Thank you, Mugambe! I think the biggest treasure of any nation is in its culture. We need to keep the most beautiful of it and give to the next generations.

Warmest greetings from Ukraine to Uganda, Iryna

Iryna, What a beautiful letter. Lisa is very fortunate to have you as her mother. Your writing style flows with your feelings for her along with the wisdom of other writers. Beautifully composed, my dear writer. I love the photo of you two. Warm regards, Sally

Thank you, Sally, for your kind words. I think the most touching texts come when you write it from your heart. Writing this letter I really believed that Lisa can read and re-read it many times in her life and every time understand something new and important for her. From the other side I wanted to tell the story of Ukraine and Ukrainian women. Warmest greetings, Iryna

Dear Iryna, This is a lovely piece and Lisa is lucky to have such a nurturing mama! The Ukraine that you've painted for us once again with your writing is truly a home to treasure. You've touched me once again Iryna. Thank you for sharing your words to Lisa with all of us. Hugs from Oregon, Heidi

Tnak you for your warm words, Heidi! That's true I love so many things about my country and especially about the Crimea where I live. I really want that Lisa grow up with the same love! Hugs, Iryna

bonjour !!! je suis vraiment heureuse de lire cette lettre adresse à ta fille;mais sache bien,à l'occasion de cette letrre j y proffite aussi tes sage conseils; ces conseils ne sont pas uniquement pour ta filles mais plutôt pour tout celui qui aura la chance de lire cette article; Adressez ces conseils à tout les monde sans exception!!!

neema weza

Dear Neema, thank you so much for your kind words! Love to my daughter helps me to express my feelings and concerns. I want she grows a happy girl!

Warm greetings, Iryna

Dear Iryna, What an exquisite heirloom of a letter you have written! It is a treasure from a gifted mother to a gifted daughter. It resonates with feminist values and multicultural integrity and richness.It makes me appreciate more the unique culture and traditions of your family and country.

Blessings, libudsuroy

''Every Day is a Journey and the Journey itself is Home.'' (Matsuo Basho)