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What is the most popular drink in Ukraine now? Right, Molotov’s cocktail. Other trends of the last season are colorful helmets, faces covered with scarfs and blue-yellow stripes. What is out of trend? Freedom of information.

2013 World Press Freedom Index, published by Reporters Without Borders, says that Ukraine reached the lowest levels of media independency for the last years. It says: “Just as it assumed the rotating chairmanship of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) Ukraine (126, -10) set the worst record for the media since the Orange Revolution in 2004. The chronically high level of violence towards journalists hit a new peak, while impunity remained total. Such an unhealthy atmosphere served only to increase the vulnerability of independent news outlets to over-stronger pressure.”

By different data, about 140 journalists suffered in mass protests that take place now in Ukraine. Media Law Institute on its website says about the journalists are being purposefully persecuted in Ukraine: “During the mass protests, which have been taking place in Ukraine for the third month, tremendously many journalists suffered from the actions of enforcement authority and unidentified people… Some officials make statements and claim that the journalists being at the epicenter of protests and put themselves under bullets and grenades, therefore, so often become the victims. However, in view of all the circumstances, we argue the opposite - such a great number of injured journalists is the result of conscious and purposeful actions of the authorities against journalists and all the people holding photo or video cameras and recording the events. Journalists play an important role in the confrontation. They convey information from the epicenter of events to viewers, listeners and readers. Thanks to these photo and video evidence the public learned about hundreds of cases of human rights violation. Journalists fix illegal actions of the authorities and for that journalists got beaten, arrested and even imprisoned.”

It becomes a real risk and danger to be a reporter and write about protests in Ukraine. It becomes even a bigger risk if you are a woman. At least two women journalists whom I know received threats from unknown people demanding they quit supporting opposition. And what they did? Have hidden? No, they spread their statements throughout social media and applied to Euromaidan SOS Initiatory Group. It is self-organized group of human rights defenders, civil society activists, lawyers, and journalists created to protect protesters.

In general, lots of women participate in the protest. A famous German broadcasting and Internet website Deutsche Welle published a beautiful article about the role of the women at Kyiv’s Independent square. Answering on journalist’s question one of these women said: “We came here so that our children can live in a peaceful European state.” And explaining why they don’t move when the fights begin they say: “If we're afraid now, we'll be afraid our entire lives.”

For a woman, the care of relatives, peace and tranquility will always take the first place. It is women who call to stop the riots, humiliation and beatings. In the East, there is a tradition, when a woman throws a shawl on the ground, the war must end. I really believe that Ukrainian women have enough of courage and patience to contribute to the peaceful resolution of the conflict.

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Dear Iyrna,

BEAUTIFULLY SAID. Your words ring with truth, and power. The deliberate and calculated persecution of those who dare to speak out in opposition is really tragic!

I hope that the peaceful resolution comes soon, and I believe you that it will be women who will be at the forefront of this transformation. It is time to throw a shawl on the ground!

Peace and Love, Susan

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Dear Susan, thank you so much! Your words give lots of support and belief that we will overcome the difficulties and live in a free country where women's rights are respected!

Warmest regards from Ukraine, Iryna

Please believe me when I say that I have written several notes to you in my thoughts.May be I should call them unpenned down notes. I have been following reports about the ongoing protests in your country on Aljazeera news, and it is really sad that the Ukranian governent remain insensitive to the desires of the citinzenry. It is worthy of mention that women in Ukraine are very visible, vocal and determined in the quest for change and a peaceful resolution.

It is really very saddening that a government voted in (?) by the people will remain unyielding, even when it is clear to the whole world the Governments descision is contrary to what the people want. I am particularly alarmed by today's reports and aored visuals which revealed that the ptrotests have assumed a deadly and destrucive dimension. Truth is that the ecorded deaths and destrucztions could have been avoided. Well, I hope treason will prevail, and see the governement honor the voice of Ukrainians.

My heart goes out to you and. Your fellow country men, women, youth and children; and I pray that a peaceful resolution is arrived at with all urgency. You beautifully written update is highly informing. Stay safe!!!

Muh love and admiration, Greengirl

Thank you, my dear Greengirl! The situation is really went so far, and I cannot understand how is possible to solve it with the smallest amount of victims. I hope and pray that people from both sides be wise enough to stop this violence and bring back peace to Ukrainian land.

With all my warmest wishes, Iryna

Thank you for sharing your perspective on this! It is easy for people like me in the States to watch the news and feel no sense of connection to real peoples' lives behind the headlines. I hope you are staying safe right now. Those helmets are BEAUTIFUL. Hoping freedom and peace come to Ukraine soon.


Thank you, Melissa, for your kind words! Last two days were critical for Ukraine. Many people died and much more are injured in Kiev. The rest of Ukrainians is on panic. I hope soon the situation will begin to change for better and the compromise will be found.

Warm wishes, Iryna

Dear Iryna,

Though your story illustrates some of the many harsh realities people face right now, it is also very a encouraging story. Hopefully, the more stories get out in the open, the more people will actually start listening and stand up against the suffering, the injustice.

Thank you for sharing and... in some ways.. making us a part of this struggle.


Thank you, CamelRider, for your words! It was really my idea to show to others how regular people, and women in particular, can fight for their rights.

Thank you for being a part of this struggle,

Warm wishes, Iryna