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My voice is clear, optimistic, cosmopolitan, inspiring, insistent!

I don’t want to become a correspondent to prove to men that women are not worse. I want to be a correspondent to help women to believe that they have equal rights with men!

Honest, strong, solution-based journalism will help my community to uncover the truth and show the real situation, reveal injustice, change attitudes and finally help to create a better future for us and our children!


They listen, but not always hear. That's why sometimes we need to shout. But when you believe in what you say or shout your voice becomes thousand times stronger!

Thank you for your words, Y, Warmest greetings from Ukraine, Iryna

We have the same rights, we deserve equal opportunities, our voices should be heard on equal basis. We must strive to walk side by side, women and men, to create a better future. Together.

You've said it strong, Iryna! The best for these months of sharing knowledge and power!

Warm regards, San


Be a voice, tell a story, start the fire. | Sé una voz, cuenta una historia, enciende el fuego.

Dear San,

Your words and support are important for me. I want finally we begin to respect each other and be able to recognize the dignity in anyone, doesn't matter the gender. This is a big work for our society, big challenge, but I believe if we will be strong building the wall of support we will make this situation change!

Warmly, Iryna

We are not here to prove anything to men. We are here to show our women that they are important, that we are important, that our voice is important for nation development efforts. We have equal right and we have to claim it without taking backstage.

Enjoyed reading your cosmopolitan attitude :)

Salaam Aminah