I would have to say that writing was always my personal vision and I felt it as my purpose since the age of 5. However, my vision for my community/the world would be – ‘taking action’. I’ve had the problem of having too much interests and people around me sometimes used to say that my curiosity will kill me one day. But, I can’t do any different and even more I like having so many interests. Passiveness and empathy are the reasons that things are why they are and if someone never takes the initiative they will always stay like that. I like to go on readings, theatre shows, watch films, attend workshops, lead projects etc. etc. Lot of the time I have to make priorities with everything I do and organize my time which often means sacrificing something at the expense of something else. Therefore, after reading The Five Most Common Ways a Woman Loses Her Innate Female Wisdom, I felt sincerely inspired, probably like so many others, and I would try to make my long-lasting determination come into being with all the ways shown in the methodology.

I related to the first part of the shown model - Shifting from Pathology to Vision, since people tend to use this often. I have detected this as a problem of my community; people just focus on what is wrong blaming things, institutions, mentality and so, without actually thinking about possible opportunities to make a change or finding potential solutions! I want to be among those who will actually do something about the problems my community is facing. Every community has its own general and specific problems, challenges and barriers and I can not easily say that I want to work on one specific problem, since my general interest is focused on human rights. I have been involved in various youth activities and I felt each one of them as satisfying and causing a difference in one or another age, social or ethnic group. In one of the NGOs I am involved (Volunteers Centre Skopje) I am just about to write a project for the Youth in Action Program of the European Commission and my idea is to organize a training about women’s rights, involving young people from 7 developing countries. Also, today I started leading a book club within the same organization and this is something I wanted to start for quite some time. The readership at the moment here is mainly focused on very commercial books or popular psychology and I would like to find interesting ways to educate the young adolescents about literary classics that offer important life messages.

Another thing I want to concentrate on is homosexual rights in my country (since they have nearly none) and work on this issue. The organization that once existed fell apart a few years ago and there is another one working anonymously, but they are mostly concentrated on helping HIV and AIDS sufferers through help lines and medical centers and slowly waiting for the right moment to come to start doing something about the actual homosexual group in the country. People are afraid. People hide. People undermine themselves. This should be changed; the path is difficult, but not impossible.

Being involved in World Pulse and Pulse Wire puts me on the road to fulfillment. The passion it awakens in me is the passion I want to continue cherishing in all my further actions and activities, be it writing, mentoring or helping and raising awareness. All the stories I read here have touched my heart and this is a lifetime experience, since the chance to hear a personal story or about the problems in the other part of the world, stories and problems never mentioned in the mass media, has been “science fiction” until recently. Jensine had her vision and she brought World Pulse into being! Cheers! If she could do it by herself, with this platform and connection we should be able to do it even more easily! As a Voices of Our Future Correspondent I would have the chance to crystallize my vision furthermore and continue raising my voice and speaking out for all the problems in my community.

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It's great to see you putting into action your vision about not being passive. I can relate to the competing interests and varied priorities...true trademarks of a visionary :-) Continue writing and pursuing your dreams. Be the young lady who is not afraid, or hiding,...YES YOU CAN!!!

Thanks for the inspirational post :-)


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Thank you for reading my post and the amazing encouragement!! It truly means a lot! I am happy that you related to some things and yes: everyone one of us here is not afraid and hiding and in a phase of pursuit! WE CAN!



Yes, you definitely have. Sometimes I wish I was more aware and active when I was younger and am impressed by your level of interest in human rights. All the best to you!


Dear Amymorros,

You're doing great since you are here and show awareness and interest and activeness - when it doesn't matter. The fact that you're NOW here does! I am always trying not to turn back to the past, but point my eyes to the future as it is the only way to change things and act. Thank you for taking time to read my post and I wish we can stay connected in this community!

Best, Ivana

Dear Ivana,

I enjoyed reading this and could relate to your varied interests. It's great that you're keen on assisting homosexuals as I've seen them being marginalized even in progressive societies. Also, I'm glad to hear that you're involved with youth.

Keep the spirited activities and expressions going...

Love, Pushpa

Thank you for the kind comment and great support you provide. I like to think I am still at the beginning of things and that more developments would take place. Anyway, I would love to stay connected with you in this lovely community and I have to say that in the past few months I've been reading a lot about India and am intrigued by this country. I am aware about certain things going on there and I am happy to see you are trying to make a difference. I would like to read more from you!

Best, Ivana

Thank you for the kind words and wishes! It's always great to hear that you sound inspiring and it makes me feel stronger! Thanks once again!