Humanity! Where are you? Who took you away from us?
Why have you forsaken us Or, are we the ones running away from you?

Yes! We no longer value you. We regard you as nothing
We value money more than our children lives. All this to get rich faster
Yet, you are more precious than riches. For it were not for you
Riches would not have been found

Defilement cases are increasing
Mother and daughter, father and son
Rape cases, our cup of tea, our daily news
A one month old defiled by a 60 years old man
News of shame
My question is this
Is this what you call humanity or human for money?

Kibera is crying
Families are mourning
The cruel arm of HIV later snatches our beloved ones
With brutality, innocent lives are sometimes lost
To add insult into injury…perpetrators escape with no conviction
I keep on wondering
What will quench this thirst of brutality?
We worship alcohol, we smoke bhang, but it bangs our heads instead
Because of power and authority
We pounce on children
Is this what you call humanity?

Are we not of the same flesh and blood?
Where are you-who took you away from us?
We no longer value you

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Dear Jacky,

I felt your deep sense of urgency in this poem and I honor your convictions. I stand with you to cry, "Humanity, where are you"?

After meeting strong and determined women like you, from Kenya, from Nigeria, from Pakistan, from the Philippines, from around the world, I gain hope that we lead humanity back... but it is not going to be an easy road. And it's a beautiful poem - this beautiful poem, when written, when spoken, when shared and when ingested, that we can together say, "enough!"

Please continue to share your voice with our community, and we will share your poem with the world.

In friendship and solidarity, Jade

Hi Jade,

I met a 14 years old girl last week, who triggered by fingers to write this poem. From her eyes, she couldnt understand how young girls are subjected to such pain by trusted family and community members. I agree with you that this is not an easy road, especially when younger girls cannot differentiate between a good and bad touches-context, intesity and who is doing it. I guess my next poem will be on 'enough' to build hope.

Thanks for your encouraging comment.



Dear Jacky I do agree with your view about the Humanity. Your feelings really touching.The "Humanity" has already been lost . All knows the value of money than humanity.

do sharing your feeling,

Live and Let Live Usha