Greetings My Story Listeners!

It is exciting to witness the power of storytelling and the power of connection that is happening on PulseWire right now. It happens every day in this community, but the My Story program has generated a whole new level of what's possible when women come together and lift their voice on one topic and weigh in on what Land means for them. Your role in drawing out their voices through encouragement and validation is so valuable and I thank you all for your contributions!

Please continue your amazing efforts this week as we approach the Sunday deadline. I anticipate a drastic increase of members and My Story submissions in the last few days of the program, so be ready!

In partnership and gratitude, Jade


Hi Jade! On the member board. If someone has signed up but there is very little on their profile (for example just a name and maybe one passion) should we still welcome them and direct them to My Story or should we focus on people who have filled out their whole profile? Thanks! Marlies

Hi Marlies,

Another great question! Sometimes it is difficult to connect with a new member who has shared so little about themselves. These are the kinds of members who need a little extra nudging and encouragement to complete their profile and to further introduce themselves to the community. I think that for some, introductions can be intimidating, especially in such a global and open community. In instances like these, you can encourage the member to tell us more about themselves so that we can connect them with other members who have similar interests or focus areas, and direct them to groups where they can join the solutions-driven dialogue on specific issues and subjects.

And for the next four days, if you direct them to the My Story program page, the instructions for submitting include completing a detailed profile, so hopefully this will encourage them to share more about themselves.

Keep up the amazing work! We are so glad to have you on the team.

Cheers, jade


Thanks for replying to my questions. I just wasn't sure if they were actual new members of just "trials". It seemed easier, also, to respond to people who had described themselves a bit. So I will look at everyone now! Thanks. Marlies