The submissions are rolling in! And it has been exciting to read women in our community sharing their own take on Holding Hands and pivotal experiences in their lives that relate to this theme.

I have received several questions about joining the group, so wanted to send you some clarifying instructions for submitting your story and I apologize for any prior confusion. Please follow these steps to participate:

1. Join the Group

Join the "My Story" group on PulseWire. We will use this group to make announcements. If you participated in My Story last year, then you are already a member.

2. Submit your story

Post your 400 words or less story to your personal journal. The topic is Holding Hands. We encourage creative interpretations of this general theme, but the piece must be non-fiction. We are looking for personal stories of women around the world describing pivotal experiences in their lives, in their own words.

* Go to "My Pulse" on the top navigation bar. Select "Post to My Journal." * Choose a creative title for your post. * In the "Tags" field, enter MyStory2010 * Write your submission in the journal entry field. * Click "Submit" and you're done!

3. Support your community

Read your fellow PulseWire members' stories for some inspiration. Offer a comment to further the dialogue by asking questions, adding your opinion or simply showing support.


Hi Aleksandra,

Good question! Tagging your journal does not make it appear in the group. The only purpose of the group is for us to keep you updated about the My Story submission process, announce the winners, etc.

So you have correctly submitted your story and it can be found with the other submissions here:

We are so happy to have you here in the PulseWire community and I hope that you continue sharing your voice with us! It is exciting to have a new member from Serbia, as we do not have many members from this part of the world. Thank you for participating in My Story!

In friendship, Jade

Hi Jade,

I just submitted a story for the 'Holding Hands' contest. After tagging, i had only submitted once. But when I look at this link:, my story appears twice. The date and and time for both the submissions are just the same. Not sure how this happened. Can one of these submissions be deleted?

Let me know, Sowmya

Dear Sowmya,

Thank you for submitting your story - I look forward to reading it! I have deleted the second copy of your submission, so only one appears in the tagged story submissions.

Warm regards, Jade

Hi Jade,

I think I also did something wrong... somehow when I tagged my journal entry "MyStory2010" I didn't see the story in the group journal. So I tried to post the story to the group journal, and now I think it appears twice? Can you please delete one of them?

Also in your first comment you're telling Alexandra that tagging her journal entry with "MyStory" doesn't make her story appear on the group journal? But these are the instructions of the submission.... it says to post to our journal and tag .... gosh I am so confused.... in short, can you just make sure pls that I did it right?

thanks, khulud

Hi Khulud,

Sorry this is so confusing! The only reason we asked members to join the group, is so we have a place to make announcements. The guidelines are to post your story to your journal and tag your journal mystory2010, so that it appears in the tag page of submissions:

The only way for a post to appear in a group, is if you post it directly in the group journal by clicking the "Contribute" tab on the group page. Tags are just keywords that allow others to search by keyword or subject to find your journal.

You can read more about tagging here:

I deleted your journal in the My Story group per your request and your original post in your personal journal that you correctly tagged, appears with the other tagged submissions. So no need to worry - your story was submitted correctly and will be considered for publication!

I hope that clears things up for you. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Warm regards, Jade