THE NEW MEDIA AND THE GLOBAL WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT MOVEMENT The new media or what is known as web 2.0 is a medium of communication I have found useful in the dissemination of ideas, facts and happenings around the world. As a matter of fact, I have only been actively involved in the use of this new medium for ten months now but I must say I find it very interesting. What interests me most about this new media is the fact that I can be part of the global information sharing process. That is, I can air out my views without any restraint. It is quite amazing that I can read articles or even news items and share my own views about them. For instance; five months ago, I read a news item (on yahoo news) and posted a comment on it. I felt so good on that day when another reader from Ghana commented on it. I felt it really interesting that I can make a contribution to a world news item that can be found meaningful. Also, another thing I’ve found so interesting about this new media is that I make new friends and meet old friends everyday and stay closer to these friends no matter the distance apart we may be. With regards the global women's empowerment movement, I believe the web 2.0 have solved the problem of dormancy and and exclusion of the women in the articulation of issues that concern them. Now, issues concerning women can be aired out by the women themselves, with or without journalistic training. As a woman, these tools have been empowering to me in that, issues around my community that concern me or other women around me, I can now share with other women around the world within a twinkle of an eye. Also, I have in many occasions drawn strength from the stories and issues other women post from the various social networks I've been part of. I feel these are tools that have amplified my voice. And I will make sure I use these tools to empower other women out there in the world by regularly posting stories and issues that concern us.

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Hello Victory, I loved reading your piece. I can vividly remember the first time I posted a comment on a global issue and someone from across the world agreed with me! It is indeed magical to have this platform to discuss and connect with people from everywhere.

Keep connecting.

Hello Victory,

So nice to read your thoughts hear on Pulse Wire. I love that you have had such an experience in new media in a short period of time. I will be interested to hear more from you as you spread your wings even further. I too have been amazed by the strength of the personal connections that can happen with other women as they work to find solutions for their personal circumstances and the circumstances of so many around the globe. Keep writing and sharing, and by the way, you have a terrific smile!

Be Well, Gretchen