Born in a small tranquil village (Tsha Ra), situated between nose-shaped valleys, in Tibet plateau, I had been a humble student in the school; an obedient daughter in the family, and a conservative Tibetan girl in back 1990s. I talked to only my close friends in the school; I thought about only my future, and I cared about only my family and friends.

However, as my journey of education rolling forward, my view, my goals, and my purpose of life has been changed. My vision of the world is peace and harmony; my dream is to help others in every possible way to achieve their potentials; my purpose of life is to bring positive changes in our society. Helping others is my happiness and my passion.

My parents are ordinary farmers; my mom is illiterate, but my dad has primary education. Even if they do not have higher education and illiterate, my parents believe in education. They believe that education can make the difference in our lives; they have faith that it can shape our lives the way we wanted.

As a matter of fact, in my hometown, traditionally people favor boys to girls because having a son somehow serves emotional purpose or spiritual satisfaction. In contrast, girls are believed to be born as accompany with brooms at home; as shadows with hoes at farming fields; and as friends with livestock on grasslands.

In my home community, there is a saying that mice and girls cannot go anywhere or else they would be caught by predators (refers to cats and men), so people believe that home is the best safe place for girls. Nevertheless, my parents do not want me to follow the path of theirs, working on the farms and constantly buzzing around on cyclic housework. They are willing to take hard work themselves and send all three children to school.

However, people in my community do not have much expectation for the education. People do not believe that education makes a dramatic change, but it rather takes too much time and investment that they can hardly bear with. People do not have much patience because they want their children to get jobs and make money sooner after graduation. The concept of education is pretty different in my community. People would rather like to think that getting education is the purpose of making money and earning life.

Moreover, in my community, I am the first and only person who is studying in university abroad now. Therefore, I always have the sense of obligation to lead the way of education to younger generation in my hometown and I want to prove that education can not only shape one’s life, but also it can bring positive changes into the society. As my education continues, I started learning more about development studies and I took gender classes where I met lots of great inspirational teachers and friends.

The way I empower girls and prove to people that education makes the difference is to start doing small-scale development projects. So far, I have implemented a Solar Panel Project (30 solar panels to 30 households) ; did a Flash Lighter Project which benefited 54 families; completed a Second-hand Clothes Project which benefited 160 people and a Book Project that benefited about 342 students and 18 teachers in my home town. I did these projects out of my classes. The purpose of my spending extra hours and making lots of efforts to do these projects is to have people looked girls differently; conceive education differently and hope parents would send more girls to schools because they could see girls also can do so much. I believe that applying my knowledge and experience to contribute back to community as a means to empower young girls to pursue education and their dreams.

The World Pulse gives me hopes; it galvanizes us to bring revolutionaries together; it allows us to cooperate each other because cooperation makes the best; it gives us space to express our opinions and share our stories; it teaches me to use all invaluable resources around my life; therefore, it is a great deal for me to have access to the World Pulse and be a part of this community.

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May you achieve your vision in enlightening the lives of the needy. I really admire you dear. It is unbelievable at this age that you are understanding the pain of others which is not so easy.

Keep sharing dear. You are amazing!

Much love and blessings.

Merlin James

Yes, like Sharontina, I think you are an admirable young woman with your many poverty-alleviating projects and your enabling, empowering parents. As they say, the best is yet to come for you. I hope to listen to many more stories from you.

Blessings, libudsuroy

''Every Day is a Journey and the Journey itself is Home.'' (Matsuo Basho)

Dear Sharontina and Libudsuroy, Thank you so much for your nice and kind comments, I will try my best and we will together try our best to make the differences. I am encouraged and inspired to have you wonderful people's supports and words of wisdom. Lots of love, Jampa

Dear Jampa, Your example, your hard work with your amazing projects, your dedication - all give me hope. I am much older than you, lived through and was an activist during our "women's movement" (1970-80's) in the USA, am still very much a feminist, as well as environmentalist....but more than anything believe that education is what will make all the difference in how we live now and in the future. Thank you and keep on keeping on! Bonnie

Dear Bonnie, Thank you so much for you kind comments. I am very excited to get connected with you all here. Let's hope for the best and prepare for the worst. I start going through all of your sites here and trying to learn more about you and your work. Lots of blessings, Jampa


Thank you so much for your powerful and evocative words. I love your use of metaphor, it really brings your point home. I can feel the passion of your vision and your desire to promote your goals. I wish you the best as a trailblazer for your community and look forward to hearing more of your ideas and projects.

Best, Emma

Dear Emma, I am very gratitude to you for your kind comments and encouragement. I am blessed to have your support and words of wisdom from all of you. i will keep it up and make the best of every opportunity. Thanks again for your friendship. Love, Jampa


Congratulations on all the wonderful work you have been doing with your community. We certainly need more people like you, willing to invest their time and energy for long-term change.

All the best, Rebecca

Dear Rebecca, Thanks very much for your nice comment; it is really encouraging and make me to keep my dreams alive. Because of your support, your kindness, and your words of wisdom, I am more than willing to brace myself for challenges. Thank you once again, i am so happy to have you with us. Cheers, Jampa

Dear Jampa,

Your vision and passion are so inspiring! Thank you for sharing here your story and your strong belief in the value of access to education. I can feel the eagerness and readiness in your writing to be a change agent in the world. And you already are!

You have already overcome so much by being the first and only person in your community to study abroad. This takes a lot of courage, self-discipline, and passion, and I salute you for them!

I am excited to hear more about your journey and I believe the changes you will bring back to your community one day!

Warmly, Ellie

Ellie Angelova World Pulse

Dear Ellie, Thank you very much for the comment. I really appreciate to you for stopping by and reading my journal. Yeah, I always feel blessed to have this opportunity of getting education and we are destined to be here together and share our stories to one another. I am always more than willing to share my stories with you. It is so encouraging to get your comments and thoughts. Once again, thanks a lot. Cheers, Love, Jampa

What do you forsee about future works to be done to empower the women in your country and if such cause can be further supported by more women or even men in your country?