Sometimes when I am lying on the bed envisioning my future and my work, the night ends up with insomnia for I keep imagining and I become overexcited simply thinking of what I am going to do in the future. Sometimes my family becomes a bit impatient of my continuously going on studies, so many times they suggest me to find a job such as a teacher and stay beside them. They hope that I can find a stable job and safely lead my life. Of course, I am so grateful to them for their supports, their faith in my education and their love for me; however, simply being a teacher is not what I want; nor is it aim of my education. I do not mean to underestimate the occupation of being a teacher of course; it is indeed an essential career too.

My personal vision for my life is that I want to become a writer whose words become weapons to battle with violence and discrimination against women and girls. I want to get my books published. I want to display the lives of me, my peers, mothers, and sisters on the pages so that everyone can take a glance to feel and to find images of themselves from their lives.

The most importantly, my vision is that I see myself as a part of solutions to women and girls issues; moreover, I always see myself as trailblazer of positive changes in my community. I want to be an effective change maker and exemplary social worker. I also see my knowledge and my experience will be the service of others’ needs. I want to establish an organization which provides a vibrant and diverse residential learning community where girls are encouraged to take part in and fulfill their potentials. I firmly believe that cooperation is the key foundation for a revolutionary; therefore, in the future I want to work with women and girls so that we all come together as one and combine our voices to lead the lives the way we want to. As a result, I see my community as harmonious place with full of human resources; organic intellectuals; gender equality and wholesome environment where everyone grows up equally and happily.

I want to improve the quality of education by creating a student-focused environment in which each individual is encouraged to express their thoughts and opinions so that they can recognize their own potentials as well as to be able to cultivate each individual’s self-confidence, creativity, and their critical thinking skills to explore more through daily interactions, communications and readings.

I want to inspire all women and girls to dare to make their life’s work be something that is truly enjoyable and meaningful to them; I want to motivate them to be innovative and to use the power of their creative minds; I want to help girls come to know and understand who they are and how easy it is to become who they would like to be. The problem what I see in my community is that girls are born as less fortunate; they are seen as inferior to boys; and they are believed to be born as properties of other families. As time passes, girls end up internalizing these socially constructed beliefs or stigmas as they are and they even become receptive. Therefore, I want to encourage girls to reflect themselves and recognize their talents without looking at themselves through the lens of social stigma. I not only want to shape my identity through my experience and my education, but also I want to improve the lives of women and girls in my community too.

Of course, to fulfill my visions, I need to equip myself with profound skills and experiences; I need huge resources and knowledge to help other people; I need professional mentors to help me with every aspect of my future career design so that I can bring effective changes in lives of women and girls in back communities as well as I can be great resources or any service to them. I never take granted of this precious opportunity of my education because I know what is exactly like otherwise. Therefore, I am looking forward to being a part of Voices of Our Future in the World Pulse so as to enlarge my knowledge and start laying the greatest foundation to realize my visions.

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Voices of Our Future Application: Your Vision.


Dear Ana, Thank you very much, of course, it will be very blessed to collaborating with you. Please let's keep in touch. Cheers, Jampa

Dear Jampa,

"I want to become a writer whose words become weapons to battle ' - my heartful of admiration and all my wishes to sharpen that powerful weapon in you. Go ahead and reach your destiny. we are there with you.


Merlin James

Dear Sharontina, Once again, thank you so much for your comment. I really appreciate that. Let's together reach there, only if i have support of yours, your encouragement and your love, i can reach there easily and let's celebrate together by the time. Warmest regards, Jampa

Dear Jhampa,

What an inspiring post. The thought that "I want to help girls come to know and understand who they are and how easy it is to become who they would like to be" is a great one...

We are together for it


Thanks very much for your being there, of course, let's go for the changes together. Only changes are brought with our cooperation, support each other and our combined voices. Your comments are highly appreciated sister. Love, Jampa

Dear Jhampa, Thank you so much for setting out to describe in detail the ideal community you want to create and sustain. That's the kind of vision that's doable and full of possibilities for change and growth. I wish you well, dear friend!

Blessings, libudsuroy

''Every Day is a Journey and the Journey itself is Home.'' (Matsuo Basho)

Thank you so much dear sister Libudsuroy for your comment. Thank you for putting faith in my vision and believing in its possibilities. Your comments are precious. Your encouragement and supports are needed of course. Love, Jampa

You have the most important resource to reach your goals...YOU! with your ambition, education and motivation, it will happen - I believe in you. Keep writing, never let anyone tell you NO to your dreams! I would love to continue to learn of your journey.

"Be the change you want in the world." Gandhi Debra K. Adams, MAIS * Survivors In Service: Self Empowerment Strategies (SiSSeS) * Consultant/Speaker/Author & Owner/Founder. Please learn more about me here:

Dear sister Debra, I really appreciate for your kind and encouraging comment. Yeah, you are right that i have the best resource to start my journey. It's already invaluably precious to have your words of encouragement and faith in my vision and my goals. Every time when I get kind comments, faith, and words of wisdom from you all sisters, I feel empowered and i am more motivated to work towards my visions. You are amazing. Thank you once again, Love, Jampa

So uplifting and inspiring! I love your vision for empowering your community which will in turn empower all communities. Thank you Sister!


Dear Jampa Wish you all the best in achiving you vistion, keep up your hopes ans continue working on women empowerment. All the best. Ola

It is never too late to try make your way to your dream and left up your expectation.Sudanes Women Building

Dear Ola, I am so grateful to you for your kind comment here and your encouraging me to keep my visions. Your words mean a lot me and definitely i am going to work toward my dreams. It's really true what you said, "It is never too late to try make your way to your dream and left up your expectation." Thanks very much, i will bear that in mind. Best wishes, Love, Jampa

Congrats for this piece! It is well written. Now enjoy the "rest" after these 4 weeks of intensive assignment!! Warmly, A.

It has been a great journey with you all and i enjoyed a lot reading your stories and sharing my own. Let's keep sharing and rising our voice together. All the best, Jampa

I'm right there with you--you've expressed my heart's desire and I want to join you in fulfilling your vision!!

"I want to inspire all women and girls to dare to make their life’s work be something that is truly enjoyable and meaningful to them; I want to motivate them to be innovative and to use the power of their creative minds."

Thank you for that! We all need such encouragement--myself included! With this post you have already helped inspire me to find my true calling (I'm in a transition period of search of meaningful, purposeful, life-enhancing work that inspires, nurtures..)

Your description of how you want to improve our children's education is so wonderful. It's what I so wish for my sons, what I long for ALL children to have.

Thank you for enumerating your visions for us. Let's work towards them together.

Hugs, Susan

______________________________________________________________________________ "I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being." -Hafiz

Dear sister Susan, It's a great honor to receive such kind and encouraging comments. First of all, thank you so much for reading my post and I am so glad that you are already inspired by my true calling. And thank you very much for standing with me and my vision. I already feel your spirit and your passion. My visions are your visions and let's brace ourselves for any challenges and "work towards for them together." Blessings & Love, Jampa

Hi Jampa, I read your profile, smiling within my soul, rallying you forward in your efforts to empower Tibetan girls and women. I felt so proud of you, being the very first young woman in your village to attend the University. Lastly, I encourage you in making your dreams come true!!! I further encourage you in your writing aspirations. Quite possibly, consider sharing some of your writing in this WORLD PULSE venue, so others miight expperience your ideas, your poetry, your essays. I'd certainly love that! Jampa, thank you again, for sharing your vision; most importantly, thank you for being an advocate for women! Sisters in the Struggle, Imanigurl01