This is a graphic story of a Tibetan girl, me. As she is growing as a Tibetan young woman, her consciousness of caring about her own people and culture become stronger. She thinks that she is the trailblazer of positive changes in her community. She is, just like every individual Tibetan, haunted by 122 Tibetan self-immolations, and that deeply wounds her and Tibetans every where. So, this is a simple story of her own as a girl, not valued in her community because of culturally gender preferences. She is challenging and breaking the perceptions of women in her community by struggling to step out and doing something meaningful. As an individual story, her story represents Tibetans and their life challenges.

Please learn more about it by referring to the link below.

This multimedia story is part of an assignment for Voices of Our Future a program of World Pulse that provides rigorous digital empowerment and citizen journalism training for grassroots women leaders. World Pulse lifts and unites the voices of women from some of the most unheard regions of the world.

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I am proud to know this brave girl! I will say something maybe a little bit off-topic, but I want that you, Jampa, feel confident and proud that these silent appeals of Tibetan self-immolations been heard by the world, in particular because of you. Such sacrifices deserve attention and respect! These people deserved to be heard!

Very touching presentation, and I want to add, you are an amazing artist!

Warm greetings from Ukraine, Iryna

Thank you so much for you direct and thoughtful comments, i really appreciate that. Yeah, I definitely agree that you felt it is somewhat off-topic because i was trying telling two stories at a time, meaning, first of all, telling a personal young woman's life story, childhood and the process of growing and learning the importance of the education, at the same time, she is trying to do something back to her community (Solar Panel Project), one to challenge the cultural perception of gender (women cannot do anything and inferior to men). Secondly, taking action and bringing changes are the main point of getting education as she thinks, so she tries to achieve small scale projects back to her community. Then, she or me comes all the way of learning, experiencing, meeting people from different places, she starts embracing differences while paying closer attention to her people and her culture where she's learned her people are torn out of political oppression under the Chinese government and hundreds of constantly death---has haunted her since then.

Thank you so much for your support and great comments once again! Warmest Regards, Jampa

Dear Jampa,

This piece is magnificently unique and stunning in its creative presentation. It is powerful -- in particular, I find, the moment when we are told that all your terribly hard work as a child was worthwhile because it led to your education -- and it is very, very crucial information you have shared. The titles/narrative are excellent and the paintings and drawings seem perfect for your story, as does the music. I hope that all the girls in your country will see it -- it seems like something that should be shown in your schools if possible -- and that teachers and other leaders will see it, too! Thank you for this wonderful multi-media piece and for telling your story with such complete artistry. With Gratitude and Admiration, Sarah

Sarah Whitten-Grigsby

Dear Sarah, I am so grateful to you for your kind and nice comments. I am even more encouraged to receive your comments and thoughts. Each of your words mean a lot to me and that keeps me going forward and striving for my visions.

I am so happy that you liked this piece. Speaking of paintings and drawings, I am so blessed to have those wonderful, passionate and generous students Kanchana from Sri lanka and Zahra from Afghanistan to have worked with them. They are superb at drawings and paintings, I owe them a great deal of gratitude. Their cooperation, talented and instrumental paintings have allowed to me complete my piece in strong and successful way.

Yeah, I also hope that school girls and more people will see this.

Thank you dear! Cheers, Jampa

. . . please also extend my compliments to Kanchana and Zahra when you can. Their work is so lovely, as is yours. It was a great idea to enlist the creative talents of art students. Perfect.

I am cheering you on from afar! Love, Sarah

Sarah Whitten-Grigsby

Dear Sarah, I will definitely extend your compliments to them, I am also so grateful to them for their wonderful cooperation and their generosity. They are talented art students. Thank you, Love, Jampa

I was so moved by the poetic opening and stunning images of your video. Your drawings convey so much emotion and evoke the same. I could not help smiling when I saw the drawing of you jumping up in the air upon the success of the solar project and my heart warmed as I shared your journey from that day. The music was the perfect accompaniment with its lyrical and upbeat melody that gives you a sense of hope and joy.

Because of the journey we had just shared with you, the transition to the self-immolations was all the more powerful. It is easy to see how you have become the strong advocate you are for the people of Tibet and I am proud to stand alongside you in this fight for justice, peace and freedom.

Dear JaniceW, It's so wonderful to hear your comments and thoughts as always. Thank you so much! You are the SOUL reader too. I was concerned earlier whether this way of telling a story is an effective way or not. I was also worried that whether people would understand what's exactly this story is about. No Worries. Now, I have learned that people, audience like you passionate, soul-reader eyes and ears can definitely go even deeper to the story. I am very happy and feel encouraged when you say "I am proud to stand alongside you in this fight for justice, peace and freedom." Just because of having your support, words, encouragement, I am blessed and dare to keep striving for my visions.

Thank you dear, Warmest Regards, Jampa

His Holiness spoke in New York last week and although I was unable to attend his teachings, I saw a number of his followers outside the auditorium in beautiful brightly colored dress. Their presence and the joy on their faces gave me such a sense of hope and peace.

It pains me to know that some Tibetans violate their bodies in protest of China's occupation and I sincerely hope that Tibetans find a way to engage the Chinese in dialogue so that they might one day have autonomous control over their country. I do not believe the Chinese will ever grant Tibet full independence but I pray that there is a way for Tibetans to live autonomously and harmoniously in peace. You are the future the Dalai Lama has so much faith in and I remain hopeful that your generation will find effective ways to lively freely and autonomously.

Yeah, I heard that he was in US in last week. Yeah, I absolutely agree with you that "Chinese will ever grant Tibet full independence", so our goal is now to shift to request China to have a harmonic negotiation and dialogue so that Tibetans have autonomy under the frame of Chinese political institution, like Hongkong, One country two system, and we are dealing with this in Middle way as His Holiness Dalai Lama initiated. I know Tibetans have been fighting for full independence and freedom for decades, nothing nudged Chinese authorities no matter what means Tibetans are using to protest against, so much death but so little changes.

So, I really hope that Tibet and China have peaceful negotiation soon. I think Middle Way is a Win-win method for both China and Tibet only if Chinese allowed this happen. Let's hope for it and pray for it. Best wishes, Jampa

Hey Latso, your ingenuity shined all through the video. I loved the drawings and music as both contributed in very significant ways to the message you sent out. Because of you, I am more informed about the situation in Tibet, most especially the issue of self immolation. You deserve to be supported in ways that will ensure that your aspirations for Tibetans is realized.

I very much look forward to hearing your success stories as events unfolds.

Thoughtfully, Greengirl

Enormously thank you for you comment and support. I am so glad that you've learned more about Tibet and Tibetan's issue through my pieces. Your words are appreciated and your attention is treasured, thank you once again.

Love, Jampa

My dear Jampa,

As I read the comments above, can you sense how you are moving all of us with the power of two stories, woven together in your most original voice of visual and auditory journeying? First, we are taken right to your origins and the earliest seeds of your desire to be a positive force for good.. in family, community, school...and the joy that does emanate from your beautiful and fierce essence as a leader and learner...then to the story of immolation that must be told, must be witnessed and understood. There is such a deep sense of balance in your work... your extended hands offering healing in the world as reflected in the magnificent images, share both personal joy in your being and such hard, unflinching reality in the other. Somehow you hold all and move forward. I am reminded of the poet Wendell Berry who had a line "To be joyful, in spite of all the facts." May your joy balanced with activism bring healing and visibility to the cry of the Tibetan community for the world to wake up. You have certainly helped all of us in the community to do so and your leadership will only continue to grow and flourish. Congratulations and a deep bow.

My Dear Ellen, You make my eyes wet, your words touched my soul; I am totally moved and encouraged as always. Thank you so much for your comments. Your suggestions, words of wisdom and weekly meeting have helped me to complete my work in productive way as well. Thank you so much for being there Ellen and support me, you are an amazing mentor!

Jampa, this video piece was really emotive and I really felt your joyful, passionate, dedicated spirit and fire! Reading all of these comments, it was touching to know how many people saw and felt and learned from your work. The self-immolators hoped their actions would draw attention to the plight of the Tibetan people, and you support them by helping achieve just that. Your video activates our empathy, as we can relate to your story, and our curiosity, as we learn something new about Tibet and your life, and our fire, as we understand the critical issues facing Tibetans. Thank you so much for this and for all of your work. I can't wait to see even more from you as you continue to rise as a powerful activist, educator, writer, and woman!

Love, Hana

Dear Hana, I am so happy to receive your comments. Thank you so much for always encouraging, editing me work, helping me to polish my work for better. Thank you so much for your wonderful words here, I really appreciate them and take them into my heart. Thank you for always being there to reach me even if you are busy with so many things. Being at World Pulse, i am always amazed and moved by such great women like you unconditionally helping and encouraging all of us correspondents to go forward and believe in our visions. Our precious time together, our cooperation, and our warm greetings remain forever to bring about our desired changes.

Love, Jampa

Dear Jampa,

I love your poetic voice and your heart. Sadly, I believe that the birth of daughters is still disappointing to parents around the world--including the United States. When my beloved grandmother was born, her own mother told her....TOLD HER...that she cried because she'd given birth to a girl. These words did not prevent my grandmother from being my best role model for women's empowerment and social justice--but the words hurt her deeply. She talked about it with tears all of her 92 years. Women like you, and me, and many others will thrive despite the ways that our births were unheralded by this world. WE WILL SHOW THEM! :)

HUG and LOVE, Leigh Anne

Dear Leigh, Thank you so much for your deeply understanding and lovely comments. I feel so much loved, warmed and cared and heard. Also, I am so grateful to you everything, we had such a wonderful time together in Portland. Sending you much love, Hugs, Jampa