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Waking up in the morning, drinking a cup of coffee, listening to the early birds singing is simply luxurious because that is the only fleeting serenity you could possibly enjoy of the day. It is utterly outrageous and disheartening to start a day without being able to avoid seeing, hearing, reading news of extreme acts of bloodshed every corner of this planet.

Terrorists are emerging from every where with purpose of conquering the world by all it takes, and killing innocent people is nothing but a game and international community comes up with solutions by its coalition with other means of violence. What could be more distasteful when our everyday is shattered by the fact that world is being wrenched with well of human bloods; hundreds of school children are slaughtered in Pakistan and hundreds of girls are abducted for sexual slaves in Africa; women and girls are become “sexual comfort” to boost warriors’ energy; many individuals seem to be driven to the war of battlefield for the hunger of fighting, killing and swaying banner of “victory” with hallucination; families are forcefully separated by death; and countries are concerned with national security thus skyrocketing weapons for mass destructions; blood of innocent people has become nothing but bail for political gain; injustice is escalating while human dignity is fading.

What on earth the world in which we live today looks like? Human beheadings in Middle East, the racism situation in America, rape culture in India, political brutality in China, the constant self-immolations in Tibet, the victims in Sidney cafe siege, and so many more tragedies are reminding us the need of positive energy to restore peace. And species are on the verge of extinction; glacier is melting; the human planet is endangered; and the agonies of death, destruction, loss of life seem inevitable in every day life.

Wars, conflicts and hatreds between different races, gender and cultures are thought to be the tragedy and considered to be the ugly side of human history; however, it is staggering to see that 21st century still seems to be rooted in horrid past and fails to prove human civilisation in many ways and perhaps it could be worse in terms of destruction of human souls.

Unfortunately, the intensity of violence is immeasurably increasing and it would easily dishearten us and shake our faith in human nature sometimes. Of course, we would prefer to turn our attention from CNN or BBC news to hilarious talk shows in Youtube or perhaps update status on Facebook, hang out with friends for some fun or go to Gym for some stress release and do yoga or meditations for some kind of comfort and spiritual healing, so we constantly try to focus our attention with our excitement so as to escape from witnessing the bloodshed, injustice, and war taking place everywhere in every day.

Even though temporary emotional or spiritual refuge does not bring immediate solutions to the world, but I believe we could do so much positive things when we feel safe within ourselves, so hopefully each of us would not be discouraged by tragedies of today and we help ourselves feel motivated and empowered by practicing peace, kindness with language and rise up with our inner strength and faith. As always, I believe each member of the World Pulse community has been fighting for justice, equality, liberty and peace; and I want all of us to continue believing in our passion, integrity, tenacity and beauty of multiculturalism so that we are not alone to fight for peace and fight for the cause each of us has been holding dearly. I think the solutions for today’s violence, injustice and bloodshed would come from us, each individual, the World Pulse community because we fight for peace with words and our voice along with love, support and encouragement. In this middle of tragedy, I am still optimistic for how much we women can do to the world; to reconcile without retaliation; to empathise without hatred; to dialog without violence; to speak out for injustice without resentment and I have a faith that we are going to cultivate peace within and strengthen our beliefs so that we could together make this world more harmonious and friendly place to live.

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Hi Jampa,

I just wanted to thank you for this contribution; your words really spoke to me, and I was particularly moved by your call to "feel safe within ourselves." I find it difficult at times to navigate my feelings and reactions to the tragedies happening outside, in the world, while also attempting to cultivate inner peace in order to nourish and fortify my fullest, most powerful self and use my strengths to help those that I can reach. Thank you for sharing what is on your heart and for advocating all that you do: reconciliation without retaliation, empathy free from hatred, non-violent dialogue, a call for justice without resentment... Keep sharing, we're listening!

In Sisterhood, Eliza

I am so grateful to Eilza for your kind comments and feedback. And i am so glad that my words spoke to you, yes, we need to nourish and fortify our strength by sharing our feelings, connecting each other to support and pass our inner power to one another, we definitely need so much support and love from each other in this middle of tragedies. Thank you for making me feel connected. Let's keep sharing!! Much Love, Jampa

Hey Eliza Its indeed great to find your writeup which is amazing.Agree to your point that it is difficult at times to express your views, But if you take if as to expres you can. Do get connected and be motivated

U can also be in touch @ https://www.facebook.com/praveenlatasansthan

Regards Bharti Singh Chauhan Founder & Board Member PraveenLata Sansthan

Bharti Singh Chauhan- President Awardee 100 Women Achievers of India,Founder & Chairperson, PraveenLata Sansthan NGO,Ambassador International Girl Rising,Ambassador WOD Vodafone Foundation,WomenInRed,State Chairperson ALL & WEF

Hi Eliza, your words really resonated with me tonight. Thank you for sharing them with the World Pulse community. I was particularly moved by your words "In this middle of tragedy, I am still optimistic for how much we women can do to the world; to reconcile without retaliation; to empathise without hatred; to dialog without violence; to speak out for injustice without resentment." As women who are painfully aware and sensitive to the needs of others (in our own communities and beyond), it can become overwhelming and daunting to think about the world's challenges, but I completely agree with you that the first step is "feeing safe within ourselves." If we practice kindness and self-care with ourselves and then with others, we can begin to create a more humane world.

Kind wishes your way, Megan

Megan Keav

Some days, I feel overwhelmed by the tragedies in this world. I see so much good from the members of this community but at times, I feel our efforts are all drops in the ocean.

It is then that I think back to each of you whom I have connected with and see the ripple effect your words, acts, love, support, and passion has. The friendships you have made Jampa will help give you courage and strength for those barriers that seem unsurmountable and those fights that seem too hard. Each of us has allies around the world who are echoing our words, fighting the same fight, and making dents in communities where previously, there was no hope.

So, I feel optimistic today for having read your post. I know that each of the members of this community, women and men, ARE making a difference and although they do not make the headlines, their works are as powerful as bullets, bombs, and hate.

Thank you for speaking out and reminding us that we are not alone in this fight and that we are changing lives. Much love, j xx

My Dear Janice, Thank you so much for your powerful thought, continuous support and encouragement. Because of people like you in the World Pulse community, we could not stop coming back to share our feelings, the grievance for today's tragedies, the need of love, compassion, kindness and empowerment so as to rise up with much more strength that we could hardly do otherwise. Your every word truly touched me and I feel so much loved, supported and connected. Certainly, the bond of our friendship and sisterhood could help us keep moving forward, the beauty of our connections keeps us being optimistic because we know how much each of us can do for the betterment. Filled with Gratitude!!! Much Love, Jampa