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The Congested Chittagong The Bustling Street Is found off the beaten track The early crisp morning ride Brings fresh breeze The hair swaying touches the soft cheeks Chills out The glistening beaded dews From the perky shrubs and trees on roadsides Forms the divine landscape Birds start chirping Vendors start stalling That Surroundings Brings enchantment And wonder with it My Head lifted to the sky Arms stretched out Jumped high To comprehend To embrace Every moment The moment of the simplest beauty Yet to be the aspiration To start the day With a great mood

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Dear Jampa, Your embrace of life through this lovely poem is infectious. It is also such a great bit of news that you have started a day so recently with your energy soaring. With a hug to you, Tam

Dear Tam, I am grateful and happy to share a great news because people like you are there to support and to encourage. Thank you for stopping by and leave warm and lovely comments. Much love, Jampa

I love this poem dear Jampa! Your glorious spirit shines through so strongly, and I feel transported by your words, able to experience a bit of your home through you. Thank you so much for giving space to allow such a connection to happen.

With love,


Thank you dearest Chelsea for the lovely comment. I miss you and your sweet smile. I am always grateful that we are connected and had a wonderful memory together.

Sending you all the best wishes and much love,


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