One early morning, in the serene and sleepy village of Amaekpu. There was commotion and pandemonium, women filled out in their large numbers bearing palm fronts and other leaves in demonstration against a certain man. The woman threaten to abandon their difference homes if their concern was not properly addressed.

      The man at the middle of the chaos was an elderly native doctor who was believed to have super natural power and this provoke fear among the villagers. The old native doctors, decided to build his house directly adjacent to the village public female toilet since the village still practice OPEN DEFECATION. Women and girls of all works of life regularly visit there to answer the call of nature.

     Unknowing to the innocent women who uses the toilet, the erotic native doctors mounted a secret camera in a way to have a complete view of the women while using the toilet. The clip became an object of sexual satisfaction between him and his amorous friends.

 Trouble started when one of his friends got drunk and started revealing information to various women on the pattern of shaving of their private parts. The women in astonishment and embarrassment, demanded to know the source of his information, act of humiliation,  the women reported the matter to the leadership of the village women organization. He was promptly summon  

by the entire women  and after an intense interrogation, he divulge the source of his information.

   The women were overwhelmed by the suppose spiritual power of the native doctor and in awe, the pleaded with the men to intervene on their behalf. The mention of the native doctor name scare the men who kept on delaying the case and could not handle it well. In frustration, the women mobilized on that early morning and stormed the native doctors residence dropping  in their thousand the palm fronts and other leaves in his premises. The women bravely gave the man three days ultimatum to appear before them and answer charges levied against him.

   On the expiration of the three days ultimatum, the notorious witch doctor vehemently refused to appear before the women instead he insisted that they should come and clear the mess they dumped in his premises or faced unpleasant  consequences .

  In anger, the women in collaboration with women from other neighboring   villages matched down for the finanal  show down. On sighting the intimidating crowd, the abominable  native doctor took to his heels

   The  uncontrollable crowd in the process brought down his building rubbish.

This is the power of collaboration. If all women will come together, hand in hand,all the unpleasant situation women are subject to  will be taking care off




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Dear Jane, 

What a terrifying account of a powerful individual. I felt so inspired reading about the women who came together to fight this disgusting man. "If women come together, hand in hand," as you say, great changes can happen. While it was difficult to read about the perversion of the elderly native doctor, it felt satisfying to know that the women finally had control over their most intimate moments. Thank you for sharing this story. 

If more women came together to fight injustices, there would be equality and consideration for all. The power of many women proved more powerful than one powerful man in this situation. I can think of many similar situations that could certainly be resolved by women coming together and fighting for their rights.

Thank you for speaking to the power of collaboration!



Sycamore May

Hello Jane,

This must have been such a horrible experience for those women who were the victims of such exposure. Having others discreetly observing one of our most private aspects of life is a serious violation of human rights and basic privacy. It was great to end off on the note of the women who came together, who stood together, and who fought together against the doctor. These are just one of the many daily injustices women face around the world, but I like how you brought to light the importance and the influence in strength in numbers, especially when women stand together, fighting for a common cause.

With kindest regards,

Helen Ng

I have never heard a story of open defecation in this light, I've done several stories on open defecation but none like this. This goes to show the many impacts environmental issues have on women and girls. It was a hard read but I'm glad the story is out and others can take a queue from it.

Best the best possible version of yourself you can be...

Wow! I am in awe of those super women, who acted where the men failed to.

Thank you for sharing this Jane. I really hope that we keep mobilizing ourselves as women, to deal a final blow on even bigger issues that confront us across the world.

Stay Amazing!


Founder, Girl Pride Circle

We all die. The goal is not to live forever, but to create something that will.

Hello, Sycamore, thank you for making out time to read my write up.Yes as we rightly said,all we need is collaboration. If all women will come together in one voice all the terrible pain inflicted on women will reduce.


Jane Kalu O.  

Dear Helen.Good to hear from you.Indeed it was a terrible experience for the women,imagining  the picture of your private body somebody have it in a soft copy and your being threaten with it.That is terrible.Is Just to tell you how stupid some men can be.

thanks dearie

Jane Kalu  

Hi Ritz, The story of open defecation comes in various forms depending the nature,My village has this type that  ten or more people on a single role  use the toilet at a go  because it is a line up holes.The women needs to speak out and expose this evil doers so that even the people intending to follow their footsteps will learn their lesson,


Jane Kalu


Dear Jane,

Thank you for sharing your story. Hmmmn just going through my mind are these men watching women defecate what an awful site because for sure they will somnetime see the droppings!!. sshii! what an extend some of these men will go to satisfy their sexual desire. God save this planet EARTH!

But i think the lesson here so i do not miss it, is about the women coming together to bring down this stupid man. When women are togther and speak with one voice they can move mountains.



Thanks Stelz for taking your time to read and comment on the post.As you rightly said,the lesson in the write up is the power of collaboration.