i was just looking at a picture of my family and as i admired that picture i wondered how many times i have been grateful to all those who have stood by me and who have shown me the way. in that picture was my dad and my eldest sister. i looked at my late dad's picture with so much admiration with humility and joy, i wondered how my father was able to manage to raise a eight month old daughter without the help of another wife and it was just beautiful. it was so sweet to remember how he has always stood by me, protecting me encouraging me moulding me to a young beautiful and bright girl. i was so humbled and i felt some guilt in me that sometimes i have been so ungrateful to my late dad and that sometimes i never appreciated his efforts instead i complained. and as continued to consume all that i was reminded that it doesn't matter how many negative things one may have done to us but it is very important not to count the negatives but instead look at the sweet things they have done to us. by looking at the positives and not looking at their weaknesses also; it helps us love them more, appreciate them more and even count on them more. sometimes its really good to look at those pictures you have in your albums those hanged on the wall pictures of our loved and no matter how bad they may have treated us but try to remember may be they have saved you from a compromising situation or even they have helped ion bring you up. appreciate them say a little prayer for them let them know how much you appreciate what they did or they have done to you. it will also help in easing any pains or grudge you may be having. as you read this just ask yourself whether you have appreciated those who deserve to be appreciated in your life. keep appreciating them. today is my a day to me to appreciate all those who have brought change in me and ALL OF YOU AT WORLD PULSE I APPRECIATE YOU ALL..THANK YOU ALL


As we move through life, we cannot avoid things that cause regret and disappointment. We may lack the strength to change this but what we can change is our attitude with which we approach these setbacks. Even the negative experiences can be an opportunity to learn, if only to learn to avoid that situation again or address it differently. By focussing on the positive aspects of each situation, as Janet suggests, we have a much greater chance for happiness and peace.

Janet, I loved reading your post. I forget to just sit and contemplate my gratitude every day. What an exercise of joy and sweetness! Thank you for reminding me. Your Father sounds like a wonderful man who helped nurture a wonderful woman. It makes me think about my Father who I also appreciate deeply as he has always valued who I am and my unique vocie in the world, encouraging me to write and share my writing with anyone and everyone. In gratitude, Jocelyn

your dad was an amazing man.I lost mine when i was 16 and i used to feel guilty in the past for being quite self-centred as most teeneger are. I didnt stay with him after my parents seperated but just before he died, i stayed with him while he was ill and i was quite insensitive. I couldnt handle the fact that he was ill so i hid my fear and hurt with insensitivity but thanks to my relationship with Jesus, i have gotten over most of the guilt.