Our best wishes to both dear friends! From the bottom of our hearts, we dedicate our songs and dances to Sunita and Gifty. This is our present for you girls. All the correspondents will come and share their music so you can have an album from all of us.


This is the first gift from Halima:

first bridal dance:

sudanese dance performed by kowaiti musical band:

eastern sudan:

eastern sudan:

southern sudan:

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Dearest Sunita and Gifty,

Heartfelt congrats! Please accept this cool music and dance and add to your musical albums. This is Sudanese music performed by Ethiopian band.

Thank you Jackie for this wonderful post!

Love and hugs,


Hey Jackie and Halima,

Ghoosh! I am looking at this only today. I feel the same inspiration Jackie. Love you much. Thanks Halima for your cool muscial albums. I can't wait to hug both of you. Love you much. Suntia

With Love and Regards Sunita Basnet