Globalization has changed the world itself as it will never again be same it was before, and we need to be aware of tha, as we also need to know that globalization's good and bad parts have been overwhelmingly over rated to be used as political tools for acquiring more power in the hands of extremists of both the right and the left wings.

It is our duty as mothers, sisters, aunts and friends of the non violent behavior stream of this new world to realize that. Let us not be impressed by what they (usually men, but also brain washed women) say about globalization's good or bad parts. Let us leave politicians to do their work while we do ours- and what is OUR WORK? It is to create a new global standard of non violent behavior. We help humanity by doing this. And politicians will have to act accordingly when our voices, one by one, are globally heard as they have the power to create this new streamline, and their echo will be loud and persistent through the whole century.

Let us never abandon the task. We can begin by voting against violence to women in the following link of the United Nations:

Every woman counts. Please do your part. Begin to work for non violence now. SAY NO TO VIOLENCE.


Thank you for the valuable reminder. I signed up; it appears to be a worthwhile org doing good work. Personally, I think the challenge is also for each of us to look at our own lives, and see where we devalue ourselves and feminine ways of relating and being in the world. Where do we refuse to speak our truth? Where do we hide our pain and anguish? What goals and ideas do we ignore? What begs in us for a voice? What dreams are we afraid to live? We maybe think to ourselves, "oh, violence doesn't exist in my life...I don't promote the oppression of women!" but whatever we don't embrace, nurture, enlighten or honor, in even the smallest part of ourselves, we set up for self-delusion, self-ridicule and self-abuse. Begin there . . . and "be the change . . . "

Never get tired of trying, never give up, always, always, Be the change, and spread the word because change DOES exist.

Thank you for reading, thank you for voting.

One vote at a time we will get there.



Jacqueline Patiño FundActiva Tarija - Bolivia South America

Hi! This Sunday I got a chance to meet some journalists and help them interviewing people in rural area of Moldova. They plan to organize a future exhibition of photos and stories about women worldwide and how similar are the causes of violence everywhere...

I loved the link and added myself to campaign list...

Loving what Nicole is doing...

Hoping for better....

With best wishes, Victoria

WorldPulse Community Champion

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