When we have a dream, it is like having a child: It is inside of you (mothers will understand quite faster), you can feel it growing, it kicks you, it blows your mind, it embraces you and you are filled with love in every cell of your body, you become the dream and the dream becomes you, just like your child becomes you and every cell of your body feels the love involved.

There are different types of dreams, as every child is different. We need to concentrate more in the one that is most relevant for us right now and pursue it. From my experience I have to tell you that dreaming is not going to give you an extra arm or leg, but it will give you extra STRENGTH.

Being strong means being empowered to fullfill the path that leads you to make it all happen. To be strong you don't need miracles, you need work. But not just any kind of work, you need what I call 'the happy work', which allows your creative vein to be loose. When we are beginning our path to realizing our goals, we need to make a commitment to ourselves to reach the goal we want in a set period of time and do a set of tasks we think are right in order to get where we are headed.

It is important: think of the time, and think of the tasks. Both things will give you an idea of where you are standing. Time will act as a jet propulsor that makes the journey fascinating, and tasks will provide the everyday feeling of acomplishment that you need to keep going.

Wake up everyday and thank the Lord for all the good things that you have. Aknowledge and love every single thing you have been given by the Universe and ask God to provide the rest of the stuff you need to accomplish your dream. And do all this while doing your happy work (besides setting time and tasks, don't forget). This means that if you have a skeleton, you can put any clothes you want on it.

Let us see. For instance, if your dream is to have a small business and you decide you will have it in the next three months (time setting) and your tasks are to have the necessary papers done and to get all the machines you need in the next month (tasks setting), then you do your happy work (put the clothes on the skeleton):

1) While talking to everyone involved, smile, pray every day, repeat your mantras (meaning you need to say the words of empowerment you choose to say many times a day),

2) Wear your lucky underwear, try on new clothes that make you look like the winner that you are inside, change the style of your hair, Every time you encounter difficulties look at yourself in the mirror and repeat 'Honey, I Love You, you are marvelous, wonderful, you deserve to have everything you need, and most of all, I forgive you for any mistakes you made, all is and will be well'.

3) And if you find someone obnoxious who will try to put stones on the road, look at his face, smile at him, walk towards him like a bombshell, and say 'I really appreciate your work, thank you for being so kind with me'. He will immediately change his attitude. Don't believe me? Try it out! It works 98 percent of the time! In men AND women.

Still need encouragement to begin? Hahahahaha, you have to be kidding me! Get up gal, and start your day with a prayer ... and a glass of the best natural juice without sugar you can make for yourself. GO - FOR - IT. Don't let time go by staring at life while it goes on for the others and not for you. Go get it.


Okay, so I don't have lucky underwear, but after reading your inspirational post, I should! Your three tips are just what I need. I think many woman will think this post is just for them. And if I know you and your heart, it is.

Thanks for lifting our spirits and encouraging us to love ourselves.

Jennifer Ruwart Chief Collaborator JR Collaborations

I am glad that you are getting your lucky underwear soon, in fact to me it is awesome, as it gives me lucky nights too...

Hope it works the same way for you hehehe.

And of course, you are very welcome, dear Jennifer.

A big hug,


Jacqueline Patiño FundActiva Tarija - Bolivia South America www.jap21.wordpress.com

Dear Friend,

You know I always look forward to read your piece, please hold on while I dash into the shop for my underwear.

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