About Me: Am Blasto Okomo,32 years old male from Rusinga Island in Lake Victoria,Kenya,please am really pleading for help for some members of my group who are disabled.They are five children from one mother,one boy and four girls.There parents are not working, please anyone with any solutions or need more information regarding the fasmily can contact me via my cellphone +254 714 065925 . Please hope to hear from you soon.

Blasto Okomo.

My Passions: Hostings foreigners,travelling and projects works

My Challenges: How to get funds to for coordinating and project work

My Vision for the Future: Helping the youths,community,women to achieve VISION 2030

My Areas of Expertise: Coordinating youth groups and project management


Hi Blasto,

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Hi Madam Michelle,

Please madam, am really very happy to hear news from you and please thanx very much for your lovely and good respone to my journal and thanks for your good advice.Please am still very new in this site and i still don,t know how it really works but i beg all your support and help to achieve my project.Please hope to hear from you soon.

Blasto Okomo, P.O BOX 311-40305 MBITA, KENYA. EAST- AFRICA. Mobile: +254 7145925

Hi Michelle, Please am very sorry for such long silent, I got a seriuos accident and i was down for some time even now am not recovered well but i hope i will recover fully very soon. Hope to hear from you.