About Me: Hi I'm Jasmin from the Philippines and i am here to be empowered so i can empower others too. I know that great things starts from small beginnings. As long as we have faith, hope and love we can make a difference. I would love to see women and men of different races collaborate for one specific goal, to be empowered and to empower others too. No man is an island, and we need each other to survive in this world. Each one needs one to function productively in the society. The body cannot function well if one part is neglected. The eyes cannot say to the feet "i don't need you" because it can't go to a certain destination and the feet cannot say to the eyes "i don't need your help" because it can't see the direction. So for us humans to function progressively, we need to reach each others hand and make a strong chain to move forward and reach our goal and finish the task and accomplish successfully.

My Passions: Education, Women Empowerment, Environment, Technology and Development

My Challenges: I still wanted to finish my college education

My Vision for the Future: To see every human being progress and successful

My Areas of Expertise: Education



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Hello, Jasmine. World Pulse seems to be a custom made fit for your interests, talents and passions. we are happy to have you join us.

I look forward to hearing more of your voice in WorldPulse.

Blessings. Yvette