Free distant energy healing for grief and emotional recovery is done via skype and it instantly cures the grief and other emotional problems.


All counselings and healings are done free of cost.. God did not dumb human beings to this world to suffer. Actually God send us into this world as highly interconnected beings, in order to enjoy happiness, which we are unable to perceive and are not aware of. Healing happens when we are connected to God..

We are here in this world to do dharma and enjoy the fruit of happiness delivered by dharma.

Dharma is any action where both giver and receiver are happy. Means dharma happens only when others connected to our actions are happy because of our actions to enjoy happiness.. Therefore it is the responsibility of every human being to help each other. Healing others free of cost is a 100% dharma as both the healer and the person healed are happy when healing happens.

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Sitting anywhere in the world, god willing, healing can happen to anybody, anywhere in the world ( distant energy healing) . Therefore area or place for both healer and the person healed in different parts of the world is no problem for distant healing.

All cure happens by the diseased organs absorbing healing energies and activate it's innate healing abilities to heal itself. Emotional problems can be cured instantly on line while the diseased experiences the bad emotion.