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Communication via blogging can be a very successful form of communicating if you follow a few simple rules; Know your audience or the agenda of the audience Speak your truth as much as you feel comfortable with and enough to be heard Speak from the heart always as the head has too many variables and the heart speaks truth Keep it simple and always start small Use discernment always, for information you are giving and receiving Prioritise your blogging, feel what is more important to you or someone else Organise your time specifically for blogging, may be 1 hour a day every day at 8am for instance Use a pen name if you do not feel comfortable using your own name Always be respectful of others opinions and blogging Ask for help with your blogging if you need it, particularly from members of the world pulse forum Just START writing!

The weather is forever changing and is different around the world and our seasons are all different. We step out prepared for this weather depending on our climate and immediate weather pattern and sometimes we are unprepared. This is just as we accept and approach life is it not? We all live in our own goldfish bowls (some bigger than others :) ) therefore we all have our own experiences, thoughts, feelings and agendas. We react differently depending on our environments also. If you have never walked in someone else shoes how can we know what it feels like or how to react in certain situations? These forums provide some insight and is an opportunity to share life in our fish bowls. Use Truth, passion, discernment, compassion and respect. In love and light always Jataia


Jataia, I enjoyed reading your assignment 3. You gave a very clear guideline on how to blog. I'm not sure if I got your personal barriers or challenges in blogging as the assignment instructions stated. That is ok, as you may not have challenges regarding blogging. I agree that truth, passion, discernment, compassion and respect are critical in all aspects of life! Thanks for your entry! Alison

Hello Alison Thank you for your comments about my assignment. It is always encouraging to get feedback whatever it may be and I thank you again for your supportive words. I write as I feel and it just flows. I try to stay more in my heart than my head. I feel I was saying that if I follow these simple steps then blogging is relatively easier for me and I was sharing that in simple terms. I don't personally feel any barriers or challenges other than the last paragraph where I am trying to say that we are all different and we need to remember that when blogging. The only challenge I have sometimes is I like to communicate face to face and I that I have a lot to say :) I am here to speak my truth and be heard and if that is what is happening then fantastic. Thanks again. In love and light Jataia

Hi Jataia!

As a fellow blogger, your words were encouraging. I used to blog a lot more than I have been lately and feel like, thanks to your words, I just need to get on it! I thought your tips on how to stay on task were good, as was your suggestion to remember to speak from the heart. Always good advice!

I look forward to checking out your blog, you have a very nice, easy to read style of writing. Thank you for sharing with us here at World Pulse!


Nikki Jardin

I thank you from my heart. It always deeply touches me when I hear that I have made a positive contribution to anothers life as this is one of the main reasons why I write. Writing helps me to understand myself also (a win win hey :)) It is good for the soul to speak from the heart and share truths, supporting one another. I think my style of writing is easy reading because I am a very passionate person that writes from my heart. I look forward to reading your blogs also and thank you again for your positive support, it is much appreciated :) In love and light always Jataia