About Me: I am 52 with 3 children and 2 Grandchildren. I have been a single mother in a Western World that one would think is not difficult, but as many women here can attest creates certain financial barriers that taught me to be independent and strong. Our class differences in Canada are quite pronounced, and many people are very materialistic. I was a nurse for about 15 years and specialized in palliative and neurosurgical nursing. I am also a reflexologist. Due to a government job loss I had to get creative and became a free lance writer for both a multicultural and health related publication. I also have written for screen, stage, children, poetry, songs, and like to sing. I have a strong interest in human, child, disability senior, animal and environmental rights. I believe strongly in equality for all people, and see a great change happening in the world that I am hopeful about. I am currently creating a humanitarian tolerance driven website for India 'Hindustan Sakriya Ekta/India Proactive Unity' that will provide easy access to any individual and agency that does any work or represents India in a humanitarian capacity. I have been developing it for about a year. I was inspired by my growing awareness of a lack of cohesiveness in trying to source this information myself, which was proving to be both frustrating and time consuming. Also, my interest in Indian history grew as my husband comes from Jaipur and was very poor growing up. His Great Grandfather came from Sindh and lived through Partition losing everything when thy fled. Thus, this has created generational poverty for thousands who still suffer today. This eventually brought my husband West. I am also writing a screen played 'Choti Bahan/Little Sister' for Indian film that addresses the brutal sexual assaults happening there, and self defense which has become controversial and is creating a movement of sorts. I will be adding sites such as this one to the website. I also hope to keep up with current events and disasters so that this website will grow to be a first source people to go to for information. It is a huge undertaking but a labor of love I am committed to and passionate about. My inspirations are Mother Teresa, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King Junior to name a few. I believe the words of the Mahatma, 'Be the change you want to see in the world.' I hope to travel to India in 2014 to promote the website, and am looking for a tutor to learn Hindi. I am also a supporter of Greenpeace, and proud that Canada is currently Ambassador to the Arctic.

My Passions: Human rights advocacy, peaceful reform, environmental and animal protection, writing, music and film

My Challenges: I need techncial assistance and constructive advice in setting up my website

My Vision for the Future: Equality for women and disenfranchised people in all areas of life

My Areas of Expertise: Writing, health, advocacy, public speaking, single parenthood


Bienvenue dans notre communauté mondiale. ça fait tellement plaisir de vous avoir parmi nous. Ici tu trouveras d’autre personne qui élève leur voix puissante entre des partage leurs rêve et leur vision .soit aussi libre car la porte est grandement ouverte pour vous aussi des postes tes journal et tes commentaire. A nouveau la Bienvenue


I will have to have my friend Nathalie translate this for me. She is French Canadian. Thank you so much for responding. I will reconnect back with you in the next few days. Clearly it is time for me to also brush up on my French! Merci. Jean

Toute mes salutation a Nathalie, ici chez nous dans D.R CONGO écrit anglais ou lire le texte anglais ce n’est pas facile, quand la langue par les c’est le français et le Kiswahili, et beaucoup des textes anglais on utilise que le Google pour nous aide en comprendre. Merci aussi ma cher et a nous revoir a bien tôt


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