About Me: Divorce single mom looking for a job

My Challenges: Motivation to look for a job

My Vision for the Future: Happiness

My Areas of Expertise: Sales, herbal remedies, supplements


Julie- As a welcomer, let me be the first to welcome you!

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Nakinti B. Nofuru

2013 VOF

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Hi Jeyreluv, Welcome to World Pulse! I am so glad that you found and joined our community.

It's quite interesting to learn that your vision for the future is 'Happiness'. Your vision is unique and laudable. Now I wonder if you are aware that 'Happiness for Everyone' is being put forward as the ninth Millenium Development Goal.

There is so much sharing and learning that goes on World Pulse, and I am sure that you've got a lot to share too! While I assure you that you will find the time spent here worth the while,I look forward to hearing your unique voice through your writings.

I know too well that as we continue talking the walk and walking talk, the positive change we so much desire for ourselves and the world will be realised.

A very warm welcome to you!

Load├×s of hugs, Greengirl

Hi, Jeyreluv,

I read your profile and love your picture. You remind me so much of myself because I was divorced and a single mother and tried many things (even making and selling candles to earn money initially). My kids are now grown and I would LOVE to talk to you more about what is going on in your life because I have been there, done that. It can be the pits, can't it? BUT . . . I decided whatever didn't kill me would make me stronger and that I would not be defeated. I went on to great things. My personal email is headingforgreatness@gmail.com if you feel like writing more in a personal way. If not, please know my thoughts are with you. You will not only survive . . . you will T H R I V E !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ubuntu(I am who I am because of who we are together),


I know it can be hard to believe now with all you are going through but "The gift is in the problem. The opportunity is in the problem".

Where do you live in the USA? I live in Chicago.

Wendy Stebbins Founder/CEO I AM ONE IN A MILLION Non-Profit Organization focused on helping street orphans and vulnerable children in Livingstone, Zambia Africa.