I have been going through a difficult period for the past few months. Although of course difficult is relative to the individual:-). I mean, I cannot compare my disadvantages with say- the Haiti earthquake victims (God Bless them). In the end, a personal struggle is a exactly that- personal. Anyway, I've been praying a whole lot more which I guess is a good thing. What's interesting though, is that I've come across literature that is helping me deal. Not the conventional self- help books but just books. There's 'The Prophet'. Please get your hands on it. And now I'm reading 'A Return To Love'...so amazingly inspiring! I just wanted to share- these books are helping me change my perspective on things, and they have a spiritual inclination. :-)


Hi J.o,

I too love Gibran's 'The Prophet.' It is a beautiful book. And I often turn to reading and writing when I'm working to change my perspective or to start anew. Two books that helped me greatly during a difficult time (and were in fact life-changing) were The Road Less Traveled: A New Psychology of Love, Traditional Values and Spiritual Growth by M. Scott Peck and Communion: The Female Search for Love by Bell Hooks. On both of these, I was literally hooked for days!

Thanks for sharing your recommendations with us! And if you need a listening ear to hear what you've been going through, please don't hesitate to write me.

Best wishes,


Hi Jo,

Isn't it amazing - the power of literature? Standing in someone else's shoes and seeing the world through another set of eyes can certainly help us to cope with loss or heartache and see things in a new light. I have taken note of your suggestions and added them to my list! Please continue to share with your thoughts and experiences as we can all learn so much from each other.

Hugs, Jade