Vibrate, throb, pound, palpitate... those are some of the dictionary synonyms to the word pulse. And that is exactly what pulsewire is doing through web 2.0; letting what was once foregone, the women’s voices, vibrate. Now, women can be journalists without necessarily being in the newsroom. They can share anything through writing without serving the interests of the media owner on what sells most, or what will fulfil the interests of those in high places. When i first heard of web 2.0, i didn’t know it could offer so much a medium to share, exchange, chat, question and reach out to so many audiences simply through my voice. Where else could i speak for the voiceless, the minority, the forgotten, without this new media? How could i live to share my story and get encouragement, incitement for action as well a recipe to rise above the veil of male dominated societies that engulf most women?

The new media not only offers a platform for interaction and networking, but i am also able to comment and share my point of view without necessarily having to struggle to get published in the mainstream media. The fact that you are able to interact just like a face-to-face encounter, getting instant feedback, makes web 2.0 unique, giving every participant equal opportunity to generate and share information to the whole world. It is truely shrinking the world in to a global village.

Remember those days when women were to be listeners and not contributors, when they were to be seen not heard, when information was one-way, probably giving them orders to do something? Not any more! With web 2.0, women are able to resonate their voices to the rest of the world. They are able to point out the hidden ills that have for a long time remained uncovered. They are like non-partisan reporters accountable to global citizens. Since the word of mouth is the woman’s greatest power, and since media presence is an empowerment tool, women are able to share their different opinions from different perspectives, share solutions and even share their views on public policies. Traditionally, this has only been left to those in high places, only those who can access media. Women being central players in shaping family and community will get an opportunity to shape the world at large. Through social networking, they can moblize and be able to impart meaningful change in the society.

As an individual, i am able to share and exchange with people all over the world, people i have never met, but who add meanig to my life. I am able to project my voice to the globe, teaming up with the rest of women in transforming the world. Through pulsewire, i am able to access opportunities through resource exchange, which not only contribute to my personal growth but to the whole world.

Long live pulsewire, through web 2.0.


Joannes, just like web 2.0 does,you have put together very usual information in very few words.Great voice. Iam commeting this because of web 2.0 remember?

with Love Shiku


Thanks. It is only through such a forum that we can communicate just like face-to-face. We do not have to pay for airtime in the media to vibrate our voices. Thanks a lot.

We Can Do It!

Joanne Wanjala

Joanna, your words reflect our vision perfectly. Because of women such as yourself, connections are being made from all corners of the world and lives are being changed for the better. We are so happy that you found us, can stand tall in this field of new media and let your voice ring out loud and clear.

Thanks Janice,

without web 2.0, i would not even be talking to you. It is the only wire that serves the interests of ordinary people like me. In my country for instance, it will take you a hell of time and energy to get published because the common question will be..'who is she to get published just like that?' so a big hand to web 2.0.

We Can Do It!

Joanne Wanjala

And if that question were posed on PulseWire, we would answer "Joanne, our concerned and passionate correspondent whose voice is one of many we applaud and take note of". Keep sharing your thoughts as, as you can see, although there are not many comments, many, many members are reading your post.

Joana, I am evaluating your week one VOF assignment. What an incredible honor! I am so moved by your ideas and the way you express them. What I loved the most about your essay was the way in which you drew connections between ideas and the way you were creative in your format for expressing them. You are such a gifted writer that I would say keep pushing the boundaries of being creative with your format because you are so very capable. I totally agree with your views on the power of Web 2.0 and I love the idea of shrinking into a global village:-) I can't wait to read more of your writing! Thank you, Jocelyn