I have various aspirations that I wish to achieve; each depends on which angle I look at life. However, there is one dream that stands out in everything that I do. No matter how rosy or tough life gets, I always strive to be a celebrated women activist. I want to be a representation of comfort for women. Joyce wants to be the woman who other women look up to with admiration and envy for her strong personality, determined to give women peace and freedom to enjoy the resources that the world offers.

When I think of my community I believe we are all in one global community, the earth. Africa is my community because it is one great continent that has set various values in me. Kenya, my motherland is a community of very loving people who are accommodating of diverse communities and cultures.

In this context, I will consider my native backyard of western Kenya to be my community. It is an environment that raised me, and one which I understand like the back of my palm. I relate to this community in both culture and environment; and therefore acquainted with the issues that affect its people.

It being a patriarchal community, women have an endless list of problems that have culturally and economically pinned them down, and zipped their mouths. For my community, I thus have a vision to pick up all ‘weak’ women and give them strength to discover their potential. There is so much in all of us, only if we believe in ourselves and gain the courage to seek our potency.

Women issues are related globally; although they seem different in many other ways because of culture, religion, and the economy of their various countries. However, I have one common vision for all female human beings; that we become comfortable sisters, wives, and mothers to our male counterparts. There should be harmony among all human beings as a result of respecting each others’ rights and offering help where possible. Women are the cornerstones of any community and should be given the support they need to ensure that their respective societies are at peace and economically workable for all the residents.

I am glad to have been given an opportunity to prove my ability to become a correspondent for the Voices of Our Future through World Pulse. I believe this was tailor-made for my personality because it is a platform that will give me a chance to articulate women issues without fear. Sometimes we have issues that affect women in our society but our voices are restrained because of the laws that govern our countries, the cultures of the communities that have raised us (or we are married to), and/or the religious faith that we believe in. World Pulse does not discriminate women in any way, and therefore I will have the freedom to speak out our issues from my heart.

If I become a correspondent for Voice of Our Future, I am sure of my voice and articles being heard at international conferences that will of course make me an outstanding woman in my community. It is humbling to be recognized at reputable global functions for being bold enough to speak for so many women in your community.

Correspondents are to cover stories on the ground and that is my passion. Going to the villages, towns, offices, markets, religious gatherings, etc to get first-hand information on an issue is special. It is an experience that lives forever in the mind of the correspondent. I enjoy feeling what other people have lived with all their lives and comparing cultures through experience.

Above it all, I am looking forward to networking with women from different communities through World Pulse. I am already enjoying the networking through this platform.

By becoming a correspondent, I believe my confidence levels will be lifted. I will also be able to appreciate people of various communities through interaction. I am sure this is an experience that will boost my journalistic skills, and the understanding the geographical setting of my community.

It is therefore my desire that I will remain to be a resourceful member of this great family.

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Voices of Our Future Application: Your Vision.


Dear Joyce, Your confident voice already buoys me up! Such positive energies for difficult times. I share your vision of a supportive sisterhood that redeems communities.

Blessings, libudsuroy

''Every Day is a Journey and the Journey itself is Home.'' (Matsuo Basho)

I hope that you will continue to use your journal here to share stories from you community. I think that - though cultures, countries, languages etc. may be different - a lot of the issues that women face in different parts of the world are similar and that we can all learn from each other by sharing and listening to our stories.

I will stop at nothing. I am in this because of the girls and women and not just for the competition. For sure I will fall and rise again until i get my voice well heard.

Joyce Jael Kafu

I love your article! You clearly state what has brought you to this point in your life, and why you want change. Also, you continue on that point by stating how you would bring that change, and the way World Pulse could help you achieve those goals. Keep spreading your voice!