I am from Nairobi, Kenya and belong to a family and community which recently awakened to the recently promulgated constitution of the year 2013 that is very progressive in defending the rights of people with disabilities. However, most mothers in Kenya face an inordinate burden when they bear children with hearing disabilities, a challenge I have encountered in my counseling work with these strong, yet often undervalued caregivers. To change the challenging circumstances, I offer capacity building of knowledge, skills and attitudes of these caregivers. I would like to create greater change through cooperation and collaboration in digital networks so as to support a greater range of these mothers. The female caregivers are the beneficiaries and supporters and a myriad of resources and skills in the area of hearing disability family interventions are needed to assist them.


Hi JoyJarvis. Welcome to World Pulse. Thank you for the work you are doing in Kenya. It sounds very beneficial to the mothers. How can or have you been creating awareness to this issue in your community? Has the situation improved since you have been helping them?