Here is a short summary of the discussion I hosted woth two young changemakers from Uganda and Sierra Leone on the viability of SDGs and their relevance in the next phase of the development agenda. Please see attached and let me know what you think.

Thank you.


File A short summary of the Google hangout discussion we had at NAYD recently on SDGs.


Hi, JudyAnnet, I am glad you bring here the thoughts and perspectives of two women from Sierra Leone and Benin in West Africa.  It would be interesting to follow where the SDGs  would lead the world's poorest countries especially in the uplift of women and in gender empowerment. I have been to Benin once about half a decade ago and was amazed at how the countrywomen were actively combating desertification at climate change's Ground Zero.Please keep us informed.

Blessings, libudsuroy

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Thank you for writing. Actually these particular people were young men but within the the year I will interviewing many women working at the ground in Africa to see the sort of effort they are putting towards SDGs. Women definitely are a main factor in these development phase in different sectors including climate change like you mentioned in Benin. I will keep you posted.