“As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others” – Marianne Williamson

Earlier this year I did a free online ’31 Day Reset Your Life’ programme. It was one of those insightful and fun activities that helped me reflect on my values and adopt a greater focus as I continue my own personal and professional development. One of the exercises was to write my eulogy (morbid but liberating) and I will share a small excerpt. Written in third person it says,

“She is well known for her stance on Caribbean regional integration, her work with youth and women’s development in many areas, and the investment fund established […] that has seen the creation of truly sustainable, innovative and entrepreneurial ventures by young people in the Caribbean and Africa.”

Coming out of the experience, I started to shape an overall life plan, with timelines, which I hope I will have the privilege of completing – God willing!

Two of my biggest life goals are interlinked:

1) to be a founder of a holistic Caribbean leadership academy for young men and women that offers personal and professional guidance and training. It will adopt novel methodologies for learning and link young Caribbean men and women to others across the world; and 2) To be a philanthropist in a sense and have an investment fund that invests in social enterprises and entrepreneurial ventures in the Caribbean and Africa.

Even though these aspirations are personal, they are tied to my own belief that my region of small states has so much to offer. What we lack in physical resources we make up for with our people. Put another way, our smallness means that it is the responsibility of each individual - especially women – to all be innovators, pioneers and entrepreneurs for the development of our countries. In essence, our people are our greatest resource and we must encourage them to reach their full potential. This can only be done through education and by providing the right opportunities. My interest in Africa originates from a historical understanding of our Caribbean identity and the need to strengthen these linkages.

In a previous post I spoke about my own fear of speaking out and the fact that I wanted to encourage others to do so as well. What I have found in my current project is the shyness of women, who would prefer to stay out of the limelight. This needs to change!

Additionally, my region is often brushed aside in international forums; most saying that we only have a few thousand in comparison to the millions of inhabitants of other countries and we are ‘middle income countries’ so we are not in great need. Yet we are so dependent on the external world that one decision can have a major impact on our island states. Given that the Caribbean has a large number of female- headed households imagine the impact of the global recession and decreased revenue from major industries like agriculture, tourism and financial services. Our active involvement is crucial in preventing the reversal of our development so far. We often speak about the marginalised and I fear that in a sense that we are the marginalised of the international arena.

My interest in being a ‘Voices of the Future’ Correspondent coincides with the next chapter of my life. As a young Caribbean woman it offers a platform to advocate for the relevance of my region and its people and to lend my voice to the discussion on women’s empowerment, through the restructuring of the educational system and by providing opportunities to realise our social and economic goals.

It is essentially about encouraging the world to take interest and engage with us in a more meaningful, mutually beneficial way. This is all with the objective of inspiring Caribbean individuals to see that we do not need to fear the outside world and that even I – a small Caribbean woman – can create change and empower myself to achieve my own personal and professional goals.

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Voices of Our Future Application: Your Vision.


I really like your quot , That is true When we do not get up from our fear, we could not help the other. We need to change what we don't like and made us backward. we need to growth in our way.

good luck. wish you success.


Thanks, Juliette, what a great idea! I'm going to start this right now...the direction of my life will then be clearer.

Thanks for sharing.

I send you lorry loads of energy for the fulfillment of your dream for our Carribean young people and their very own Juliette's Academy. Resources are sure to come, in abundance, just don't stop dreaming and planning.

With loads of strength from Monica in France

Monica Clarke, Writer & Storyteller, bringing human rights alive.I wish you 'Nangamso', that is: May you continue to do the good work which you do so well. (A blessing from my ancestors, the Khoikhoi, the first people of South Africa).

Through your vision, I learnt a lot about the caribbean and the challenges they face. It's good to know that there there is someone out there with a vision to empower and make life better. Well done dear!

Thanks for commenting.

We are such a special little region with a history that links all races.

We need to embrace that about ourselves and re-establish those links, not only with the UK but Africa, India, China, everywhere.



Thank you for your words of encouragement. I am looking through the website all now to learn of the work done in your organisation.

It looks very interesting. I am a firm believer that the training has to have a global perspective but needs to take into consideration the cultural dynamics that also exist. This is with the knowledge that there are positive leadership qualities that exist it is just to foster that.

I would be interested in knowing of your own experiences in working for a leadership institute that is heart-centred.



Dear Juliette, you are wonderful. I read your story with so much emotion, sober feelings. I could sense the deep self innermost empathy for mankind. I felt like you were talking to me in person, in a very soft and peaceful voice. It immediately made me to reflect on my 42+ days Inner peace Time on Self Development as a peace advocate (Rebel) at the Peace revolution Network.

If you don’t mind, I will like to share with you Margaret Mead quote on community change -“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Thank you so much for this wonderful piece

Stay Blessed


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Hey Z,

I am loving this website and what I am done with my life coaching sessions I will be sure to try it. One area that I really need to work on is inner peace and get into meditation. It is like a gift to ourselves as human beings.

It is often so hard for me to stay quiet and listen to even my own inner voice. Thanks for sharing.

It gives me great joy to have stumbled on WorldPulse. I love how we women interact and inspire each other, even if it is just with words. I look forward to something more tangible as relationships are strengthened.

Thank you for the quote. I will share with you also a discussion topic coming out of an interview with Oprah on the Facebook Network. She said that everyone in the world, no matter how famous they are, wants to know that they matter. It is my desire, though idealistic, to digest that and always remember that when dealing with people.



I am glad to hear that. I know it is not easy to be still and just like Gail Straub said in our reading assignment 4 on Losing Innate Female Wisdom. Nonetheless, a woman need to slow down, gift herself some moment to listen to herself and develop inner love and peace from within

You can join their Facebook Fanpage at Peace Revolution Facebook Fan Page and each week there is an online meditation, next week will be on Ocober 5th at 12 GMT, you can join us online on the Peace Revolution Channel

I wait on the interview from Oprah. while look forward to seeing you on October 5th at 12 GMT.

Take care

Stay Blessed


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Hi Juliette,

I think of our lives as a puzzle one day we feel compelled to do one thing and cannot understand why, the days , months or years later the seemingly isolated action starts to get some meaning... i believe that it is not in vain that you were part of the Reset your life program.... Pulse wire is now just a piece of the bigger puzzle that is your life. I am sure that the final picture will be beautiful because it will show you making a difference in the Caribbean and beyond.

Keep writing,



A candle looses nothing my lighting another

You words are wonderful my sister thank you.

I know somehow that all of us are on our paths to manifest and live out our purpose.

It is never by chance that we all engage in something that will help us to learn, reflect and grow.



Oh yes. That desire for African and Caribbean states to be treated like equals is in all of us from the region. I attended a Conference in which Mo Ibrahim of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation was present. He was asked why he rewards African Presidents when the continent is riddle by dictators and bad leaders. He said, because the African leader does not sleep. Yes some may be terrible towards their people and use unorthodox methods to get their ideas adopted but the reality is being an African leader is one of the most trying jobs. You deal with poverty at chronic levels, disease, hunger, famine, drought, illiteracy and all other ills then also have to deal with a global forum in which those who have already made strides in getting rid of the above problems for their citizens continue to make it difficult for you to do so.African leaders want access to medicines for their people, the developed world wants to protect patents some of which were developed from stolen ideas the developing world's traditional knowledge knowledge systems. The developing world suffers from underdevelopment because they never benefitted from the industrial revolution which has caused climate change but when you sit in Doha those that emitted and benefitted from emissions continue to want to emit some more. It is an unjust world, but we will make it right someday somehow.

Your leaders do have a lot on their shoulders and I believe that in each region, or even each country, organisation or group there exists a leadership culture that can almost be patented but most certainly is in a constant state of evolution.

We need to cultivate leaders at each level and most importantly emancipate our minds...

Dear Juliette:

Your writing was certainly original and engaging, and your argument was very convincing. Thank you so much for this excellent contribution to World Pulse, with a very actionable project. It is also wonderful that you are empowering both genders...for a unified Carribean, your work will be so important.

Best of everything to you,


Speaking my Peace

As they say, a journey starts with one step. I have always had big dreams but the challenge is in translating it into baby steps to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

The good thing about what we are all here to achieve is that we are daring to dream of a world that is different, improved and evolved. Not everyone I meet is brave enough to do that.

I thank you for your kind words and support to continue.



Hello, Juliette:

Today I got to hear John Dominic Crossan talk about how we need to make sure mankind continues to evolve, so we can eliminate suffering and the need for compassion in the first place.

I agree that it helps a lot to take baby steps and not believe we have to act like giants to get something done. One baby step at a time is all it takes.

Blessings to you,


Speaking my Peace

Hello Julliete!

Glad to read your vision, as a young woman i realized that the most important thing in life is education. To educate people in any meaning is our responsibility. According to your statement which says that Caribbean is a middle-income country I am totally agree that youth is having the biggest part in changing the world. It is because we are the next generations to come! :D I believe that you will give, at least, an impact to your community. Stay visionary and be healthy sister. Nice to meet you here, keep up your great ideas.


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