I was born in a small village of Bangladesh name Kaliaish. Since my born I saw women’s screaming for their pathetic lives. They don’t have a beautiful environment to enjoy their lives; they don’t have any personal wish to lead their own lives. When a girl was born, her parent becomes sad about thinking her future. They know they have to raise this child and arrange a marriage with huge amount of dowry for this child. They don’t know that if they give the child the opportunity to take education, she can make herself better than a boy. Most of the parent’s attitude towards their daughter is not positive about their education. They think spending money for a girl’s education is just wasting money. When I used to go to school with my father, everyday people asked my father what benefits he will get for educating me. They told my father to pay more attention to my brother’s education than mine. And the women of our neighborhoods said to my mother that she had to teach me how to manage household works. In their concept, spending more time on education was not more important than learning cooking and cleaning. They also said to my mother that I will face problems, when I would go my in-laws house. I was a little girl; so, I didn’t realize why they told like this. Now I know what the reason was. My parent didn’t pay attention to their useless talks. For their strong support I got the opportunity to continue my studies. They taught me how to love my own life, how to make it valuable in this world. Whenever I see the painful condition of any women in my village, I feel tears in my eyes because only for my parent I am not a victim like them. I can’t imagine a life without any personal wish, hopes, dreams and opinions. I can feel the pain of their meaningless lives. Now I have the opportunity to make me established in my society. My father told me that I have to take responsibilities for those women; I have to work for making their situations better in the society. I am determined to fulfill my father’s wishes. Most of the people in my village as well as in my country think that girls don’t have their own houses. They live in their father’s house before get married and husband’s house after marriage. I want to change this conventional mentality. If boys have their own house, they can say,” It’s my home”, why girls not? In this world every human being should have equal facilities. The females are fighting to get a good position in their families and societies since the dawn of civilization. They want respect, evaluation for their contributions, love and help from their societies. The development of the world equally depends on both of men and women’s contributions. Why do most of the people in this world assess only men’s contributions? I feel sorry when I think about it because I am a woman. I don’t want to dream of a world that has discrimination between man and women. So, the aim for my future is to work for eradicating conventional mentalities from my society as well as from the world.


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Hi Jyoti,

The similarities between the perceptions in your society and mine are quite similar although more girls in my country go to school. Thanks to your parents you have broken some barriers that will make it possible for other girls to look to you as a mentor. Based on your experience, other parents in your society will also see the benefits of educating girls.

More power to you my sister!


Dear Matilda,

Thank you very much for sharing a little about your society. I will be waiting to hear more from you about your socity. Wish you all the best.


Jyoti Rahaman 2013 WISE Scholar Global Youth Ambassador at AWAS Chittagong, Bangladesh

You are really lucky Jyoti to have such parents. There are a lot of girls whose parents think otherwise. I hope and pray that your dream of working with women is fulfilled. And yes may you have your own home one day :)


With best wishes,

Nusrat Ara 

WorldPulse Community Champion (Environment Group) 

Dear Nusrat,

Hope you are well by the grace of almighty Allah. Yeah, I am proud of my parents. If they were not conscious about my study, I had to suffer like other women's in my community. I am very happy that you are praying for me to fulfill my dream. You know, I want to use my education as the power to start a movement about women's education in my community.

Best regards


Jyoti Rahaman 2013 WISE Scholar Global Youth Ambassador at AWAS Chittagong, Bangladesh

I am congratulating you dear friend that you are educated, men are scared about educated women because everybody knows that a woman is made from a refined man, when we are educated, we are more than what the people say. Thanks for being educated, and thanks for waiting to be educated too. LOL, Yes some will not even wait to graduate before running away with men, and no man can excel with a tongue, you can communicate in English and we are contributing too, if all you can speak is your dialect you will find it hard to reach out to as many people as you are reaching out to now.

Congrats dear and thanks to your father, who did not share in the parochial culture. It is the same in our community, I have all girls and I am grateful to God because this has really given me the opportunity to start an organization that protects women and children.

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale Founder/Project Coordinator Star of Hope Transformation Centre 512 Road F Close Festac Town Lagos-Nigeria https:

Hi Olutosin,

Thank you very much for inspiaring me by your words. I am agree with you about men's attitude towards girls education. They are afraid of educating girls because most of them don't want to share the power of controlling soceities, families and countries with girls. And I think we all girls should fight against this types of mentalities.

With loves


Jyoti Rahaman 2013 WISE Scholar Global Youth Ambassador at AWAS Chittagong, Bangladesh