About Me: Kaladarshini, locus for promoting the traditional art of Rajasthan & the Indian contemporary art through exhibitions, art promoting programmers, interactive workshops for artist. Kaladarshini is one of the forward looking galleries in India established by jyoti vyas in the year 2009 to aid the traditional art practices in Rajasthan. Wherein the initiative of kaladarshini is to Strengthened the art forms and handicrafts of Rajasthan. It has carved a distinct position by organizing workshops, shows, artist events & participating in different fairs of Rajasthan. Kaladarshini , with a firm commitment to art fraternity , feels its responsibility toward the upliftment of art as well as the artist. Kaladarshini has reasonably bridged a distance between the collectors and the art forms. Kaladarshini also has a commitment for exploring artistic talents and cultural values through innovative exhibitions with creative themes to let the collectors know about the essence of the art exhibited. Kaladarshini is much a plat form for young emerging artist & women groups whose work is of good quality and yet affordable, we cater the values of various co-operate houses and private collectors. Kaladarshini has put steps forward to bring a collection of home furnishing, it displays exhibits and stocks the finest quality of the same. Kaladarshini means fantastic art displays, here you can discover your new amazing work of handicraft, bronze artifacts, home furnishing etc.

My Passions: photography and art


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