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Hello friends, Hello everybody on PulseWire community ,,,,,,,,,,, It's nice chance to be with you and to know you all here in this passionate community. As a young graduates doctor, with a Bachelor’s degree in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Shendi, Sudan in 2008, with a little experiences as I'm working in the nonprofit sector and the ministry of health in Sudan as a medical doctor. I'm highly passionate toward new world and interested to work, volunteer and gaining experiences in all parts of the community studies, public health, sexual, reproductive and child health mainly HIV/AIDS and health services in conflict and post conflict areas. Since I was born in my small village in Sudan, North Darfur State Which is named as Ellait and the journey of my lifelong learning has been started, with our all bad and good local customs, traditions, and habits extending to khalwa , primary school , secondary school and then my University study and now WORLD PULSE has been started with you, with my hopes to learn from you, add to you and increase my knowledge and improve my skills with you . I love to meet new people and sharing our experiences together, from all over the world in this wonderful community! Just wait to read my following stories, notes, see my pictures and my publications ,,, Toward New and Better Horizon,,,,,,,

I appreciate your comments,,,

Warm thanks to all of You .....


Hello Kakahani007. Do you have 007 at the end of your name because you are like James Bond? Haha.

I am leaving in a few minutes for Livingstone Zambia where I spend a lot of time with my NGO I AM ONE IN A MILLION.

I just wanted to say, it is a pleasure to meet another Afrikaner (though I am white and from Chicago) and I look forward to reading some of your stories when I get back. Africa is a special place and it is heartening to see you have the desire to help your country and continent. World Pulse is definitely a great place to be, like a vitamin that gives you energy.

Ubuntu (I am who I am because of who we are together),

Wendy (My Losi name is Lilato)

Wendy Stebbins Founder/CEO I AM ONE IN A MILLION Non-Profit Organization focused on helping street orphans and vulnerable children in Livingstone, Zambia Africa.

Dear , Wiendy ( Baro Chebago , Karagluoo ) In our local languages that is mean How are you Thanks for this great welcoming and of course I like Bond and the No 7 , I'm so glad about what are doing in Zambia coze I went across your page on Facebook and its really very inspiring . Hope to hear your news and to give me your feedback about my ideas and thoughts .

A lot of thanks


MBBS, MPH & Humanitarian Activist  Volunteer and Learner  @kakahani007

I like that "New and better Horizon".

And yes World Pulse will take you to wider platforms making your thoughts and voice more powerful.

Its worth entering this great platform my friend. Welcome.

Regards. Sharon

Merlin James

Dear , Sharontina Thanks for your welcome, of course we need to make our world new and better , via putting our hands, heart and minds together . Hope to share our experience with this great community World Plus .

Again a lot of my thanks


MBBS, MPH & Humanitarian Activist  Volunteer and Learner  @kakahani007

Welcome Doctor! It's so nice to have you here in our community. I really appreciate seeing your enthusiasm and energy for connecting, learning, and sharing your own story. I look forward to reading your posts and following your journey here.

If you're in need of some advice on how to make use of the community and our resources, please look at the Getting Started Guide and the Frequently Asked Questions.

Thank you for being with us! In partnership,

Scott Beck

Dear Mr. Scott Beck Thanks for this warm welcoming and of course I will try to do my best to reflect my feeling , medical, and educational experiences in this huge fantastic community and learn more and more to become more effective to my village, Sudan, Africa and the world. Again I appreciate your litters on my first notes in my community World Pulse.



MBBS, MPH & Humanitarian Activist  Volunteer and Learner  @kakahani007

A big welcome to you my friend. Welcome to World Pulse community - the best place to learn, share and support.

Will look forward to your posts and thoughts.

Much love,

Mukut Ray

Dear, Mukut Really I like your name! Thanks for your big and warm welcome in this amazing community, of course I feel with World Pulse support and hope to accept me as your friend.

Million thanks


MBBS, MPH & Humanitarian Activist  Volunteer and Learner  @kakahani007

Welcome to the community that listens and supports everyone. I am sure your aspirations will be met as you become a part of all the learning and sharing that World Pulse is known for.

Enjoy every bit of the life transforming experiences which the World Pulse Family offers.

Best Wishes,


Thanks Olankie, for this warm welcome of course I will try to enjoy every moment with this huge amazing family ,,,,, Regards


MBBS, MPH & Humanitarian Activist  Volunteer and Learner  @kakahani007

Welcome to you my dear Dr.Hani Mohammed Ibrahim Bashir,

I am glad you came to World Pulse and I know you will find much to learn from this vibrant global community and we look forward to all that you can share with us. We need more voices like yours to make this world a smaller and more welcoming place. Best wishes to you in all of your endeavors!



Dear Kara-Amena ,,,

Thanks for your Happiness and warm welcoming to my community ,, really I hope to be one of the effective members in our World Pulse Community , our country , Africa and World ..

Again warm Thanks


MBBS, MPH & Humanitarian Activist  Volunteer and Learner  @kakahani007