About Me: I am 53 and raising my first grandson. I took him and went to a safe house a little over two years ago to stop the cycle of abuse in my family. My daughter is an addict and very abusive and it was the hardest choice i have ever made in my life and the best choice i have made in my life. To say no more, no more abuse, no more for any of us.....Today we are beginning to thrive and recover and learn how keep our safety and thrive one day at a time. I am a business owner of a womens natural health care clinic in Portland, Oregon.. I manage the clinic as well as i am a counselor and life coach and see individuals and couples.......It is wonderful to begin to see the world through a different set of glasses.....i am learning that our choices do matter no matter what circumstance we are in......Here is to living a life of choice and learning how to empower myself and others.....

My Passions: Gardening, my grandson, my friends and family, learning things all the time

My Challenges: my weight, i used food and my weight to keep safe and now i am learning i don't need that in the same way to take care of myself

My Vision for the Future: To continue to learn how to live a fearless life and to share that with others and learn and explore the entire world with Jack

My Areas of Expertise: Business Management, Budgeting, counseling, and life coaching


Hey there! Welcome to PulseWire!

Its so exciting having you with us, I am sure you will have a fun time with your new online friends and you will find this to be a positive experience. I encourage you to take advantage of the numerous resources and features available through our vibrant online community.

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I am awed by your bravery! Welcome to WorldPulse. The community here is one that is safe a beautiful to connect with. I would love to read more about your organization and how your help women with their health and well-being.

How did the clinic start? What services do you offer? This would be a great space to talk about the successes of your organization and inspire others to build and create a space for resources in their area like this.

Again, I am so glad that you are here and can't wait to read more about you, your journey, and your organization!

Much Peace,


Hi Sharese Thanks for the words of encouragement. We started the clinic about 15 years ago, i really wanted to work for myself...having worked for others all my life, feeling their control and power over my life and choices, i wanted something different. So we (my sister and I) found a place and opened business and here we are over 15 years later......we have an old house that was built in 1890 in a historic part of Portland, near a hospital. we have 7 doctors, two of which are acupuncturists, i am a counselor and life coach, we have a massage therapist as well. We mail out natual supplements to patients and serve patients locally and nationally. It feels good to have a place that women can come and get partners for their healthcare. We believe in the patients power to know themselves and choices and we believe in the power of both the conventional world of medicine as well as the alternative and want to maximize the benefits of both worlds and the limits the costs of both worlds.......Feedback is so far that we are doing a good job and its really about the patients.......i want them to feel seen, heard and valued no matter how long they are there....................that is my main intention for every day at the clinic and one i follow as a leader of the staff at the clinic as well.

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