A few weeks ago, my cousin came home one night from her short trip to the northern region of our country. She said that she met an interesting guy who was into Celtic, Egyptian, and Native American cultures—which the two of us love. She brought with her a hand-made shirt designed by this guy, who also owned the shop where she bought it. She said she was brooding over which design would suit me when this guy approached her. The guy asked my cousin what I was like, and she answered, “Well, my cousin does not seem to make-up her mind. She seems to be everywhere, wants to study so many things and cannot settle on one thing to focus on. She needs guidance.” The guy pulled out a shirt with Wadjet, the ancient Egyptian goddess which is also called the Eye of Horus, as the main design with his own artistic version of course. He said, “Since your cousin is everywhere, she might as well see everything with bright eye; the eye that brings completion and healing, protection and power.” She was so excited to give it to me, as if it would transport me instantly to a path where I should be. She asked me to fit the shirt right away.

Co-incidence or not, I checked my email that night and read about AWID’s Call for Participation, and the call was this one, “Voices of Our Future Applicants.” I found the call interesting although if I responded to the call, it would seem like another activity out of so many others that I do. I paused and thought for several moments. I left my decision hanging for several days. But then the throbbing itch for curiosity; the unquenchable thirst for knowledge; and the desire to connect, to listen, to speak were undeniably overwhelming. I had to be honest to what I was searching for in my life and I could only reiterate what Joseph Campbell said, “I think that what we’re seeking is an experience of being alive, so that our life experiences on the purely physical plane will have resonances with our own innermost being and reality, so that we actually feel the rapture of being alive.”

I want to experience being alive every single day. I want to be part of this present, the here and now. I want to do so much, to learn so much and save myself from boredom or depression or negativity of the world. I want to plant good seeds now so that in the future I will also be there to reap the rewards of my labor, not only for me but for everyone who wants a share.

My Wadget shirt portends healing, completion, protection, and power; I am sure that with all the women on Pulse Wire with positive energies and good vision, we are on our way to divining our future. I can now imagine how rapture feels like.


Thank you so much for reading and liking it. The weekly assignment helps me in generating my thoughts and in writing. But I can only say so much since words are limited to 500 :)

Poverty is man-made that we can undo.

thanks so much for your story, katea. i was just commenting to someone else, that i always feel there is an unseen force pulling us towards where we "need" to be at the moment, and it's about keeping our eyes wide open. i definitely feel yours are, and i have no doubt that your vision will prove successful.

Don't let your worries get the best of you. Remember, even Moses started out as a basket case.

I appreciate so much that you get to read this post. Although it's easier to close our eyes and pretend nothing is happening, or see from the same angle over and over again, I choose to be aware of everything that life has to offer whenever I can.

kind regards, Katea

Poverty is man-made that we can undo.