About Me: My name is Katje. I'm a holistic psychotherapist and creative consultant in Portland, Oregon, USA. I have a background in dance, bodywork, yoga and women's health, and am in the midst of completely my PhD specializing in Somatic Psychology. My practice is based in Process Work (or Process-Oriented Psychology), which works with the interconnection of the body, relationships, social and spiritual experiences to facilitate personal and collective change. These days I am captivated by the experience of fulfillment...what does it mean to be living a fulfilling life? How does this relate to health and the body? And how are women in particular finding and navigating fulfilling life paths...with all our diverse challenges, as well as our unique and important gifts? I'm excited to have found this community and look forward to connecting with you all.

My Passions: health and the body, women, creative expression, performance

My Challenges: getting behind my visions, finances, relationship support

My Vision for the Future: a world where everyone has the inner and outer supports to connect with their passions and bring them to life

My Areas of Expertise: psychotherapy, body-based methods for healing and creative expression (bodywork, yoga, dance), writing


Hey there! Katje! Welcome to PulseWire!

Its so exciting having you with us, I am sure you will have a fun time with your new online friends. I know that you will find this to be a positive experience and I encourage you to take advantage of the numerous resources and features available through our vibrant online community.

Welcome again to our global community and I look forward to hearing more from you here on PulseWire!



HI Fatima, Thank you for your welcome! It's wonderful to have found this community. It feels like quite a synchronicity and I strangely feel like I've found something so kindred, as if I've already belonged for a long time.

I look forward to getting to know more... Best wishes to you, Katje

Katje Wagner, PhD, LPC, DiplPW Portland, OR, USA www.katjewagner.com

Hey there,

It's great to have you here! We have a couple of WorldPulsers interested in yoga. You should connect with them.

Anna Lang is yoga instructor http://www.worldpulse.com/user/1783

Witwiccan was trained in Yoga, she is also trained in modern dance http://worldpulse.com/node/10744

I'm so inspired to take yoga classes right now. They must be so relaxing! I've recently started a diet and I really feel much better , I also feel like I have so much energy. Healthy living affects every aspect of your life!

HI Kizzie, You sound like a fun gorgeous woman filled with life! Thanks so much for reaching out and welcoming me. And I love your vision of a bookstore with cafe...a world within worlds...opening to more worlds with every book and new person that walks in! I hope to have a coffee and a chat there with you one day. Best wishes, Katje

Katje Wagner, PhD, LPC, DiplPW Portland, OR, USA www.katjewagner.com

Hey there, The bookstore with the little cafe is going to be a great idea! I'm really looking fwd to starting this business. I love reading and coffee, I want to share this passion with others.

That's lovely! If you are every in Egypt or Sudan let me know!:)We can have coffee and talk about it and your interesting work.

Hi Katje,

This is your neighbor Jade! It's great to have you as a member on PulseWire - I think you will find it to an encouraging, inspiring and empowering community. So dig right in, raise your voice through your journal, read what others have to say and offer comments, and be a part of the Pulse! If you have any questions about using the site, please let me know and I can steer you in the right direction or to the people you'd like to connect with.

See you around!


Jade! How fun to meet you here :) Just this Saturday while studying at Costello's, the WorldPulse magazine reached out and grabbed me. What a gift to find it and suddenly be connecting with this beautiful community. You'll have to tell me your story of how you got involved and how it's been...hopefully in person! Thanks for your welcome. I look forward to more! Katje

Katje Wagner, PhD, LPC, DiplPW Portland, OR, USA www.katjewagner.com

Welcome! I look forward to hearing your wisdom here on PulseWire, as I'm trying to find my life path in supporting the holistic health movement.

HI Julie

What a beautiful life path you seem to be on! And HOLISTIC HEALTH...what an important field of work...and incredibly diverse in what that could actually look like.

What does holistic health mean to you? Which of the many doorways into holistic health do you want to walk through?? or create anew?!

For me, I see health as an ongoing phenomenon...a relationship, really, with oneself, others and the world at large. It does and also doesn't necessarily have to do with the body directly. But often health comes up as an "issue" when our bodies call to us for some reason or another. Sometimes subtly...through aches, pains, tensions. Sometimes in harsher, more demanding ways...through overt physical crisis, accidents, illness. It can be devastating and scary.

But not only...

And that is one of the reasons our bodies give me hope and inspiration. Because they are a source of information...and can help us connect with more of who we are and what is possible in our lives and relationships. Even - and sometimes especially - through illness or physical crisis, because our bodies then demand our attention and in this way can make us more receptive...emotionally/mentally/spiritually more pliable to new possibilities.

So in my work with people and personal practice with myself, I explore body symptoms as sources of information in order to discover their energy, message, meaning and potential usefulness in our lives.

The ripple effects can be profound! Because as we connect with the impulses inside of us (that we may not be familiar with or typically open to), we also discover how they want to live! This can lead to a new sense of power or sensitivity in relationship, for example, or perhaps fuel your confidence in a project or direction you want to pursue. Not only do WE need the messages from our bodies, but the WORLD does too!

So many ways to be part of the holistic health movement! I would love to hear more about your connection to holistic health and what is calling you.

Thanks for connecting here. Best to you Katje


Katje Wagner, PhD, LPC, DiplPW Portland, OR, USA www.katjewagner.com