• Young Mother with Her Little Girl Chilld

That was the time few hours before the sun to be set.I was walking and after having walked over more than 20 minutes I reached in front of Sena Kalyan Commercial Complex ( SKCC) at Tongi in Gazipur district.That was not my destination.

SKCC is in fact a large market place where a number of shops, malls, garments, mills, factories, banks and insurances are situated.

There is a large empty space in front of it for parking visitors' cars. A few coconut trees grew in line with much care of its authority. There is sitting arrangement under these coconut trees. People who are tired sit here for a brief rest in cool air of open nature.

I was one among those tired people sitting under a coconut tree keeping eyes focused on a shop of smart mobile phones.

Probably I was thinking about the development made by our country and countrymen.

It is very hard to find even a single person without a phone if not a smart phone.

Something drew my eyes to another coconut tree nearby under which I saw a young mother with her young girl child looking around seemingly for something but hopelessly.

I knew a few girls and women like her w are as if floating boats in the ocean.

They have no house, no friends, no relatives even they have no husbands.

What would be the thing she is looking for? I asked to myself.

May be some food, a morsel of rice, a place to sleep or someone to come and spend sometime in intimacy for some money. I found answer later.

I looked at that child and I saw not with my physical eyes but my visionary eye that the child has grown up in dirty and tattered clothes, with two girl children as result of illegal intimacy of some unknown men.

This is a picture, neither pleasant to see nor acceptable in civil society.

The pictures of its kind should be eliminated not only from Bangladesh but from the world.

But the question remains unanswered who will do it and when?