About Me:
Hi ...

I have had an interesting life from small to now. Not all pleasant-in fact some extreme times with smiles along the way.

A poem that sums up my life until present ..

The rock
washed down the river
tossed scraped evaporated
birds find landing in the movement

swept by fierce entanglement
caught by locked in nooks crannies
it changes elements to flee fire
soaks water for replenished improvement

seasons unpleasant toss and roll
moss takes up home a new growth
pending stability seeks the green of earth
wedging a well worn fixed energy

rain hail shine gives it extra tints
a blanket devours it's hidden shine
it sways with new circumstance
desert cleansing dries green to wither

no rhyme in this rock
blind journeys keep it moving
stripe streams give it new life
crumbling shape shifting strife

weather of strife leaves
gentle water dreams
calmness shatters wastage
a past gravitation drops needs

moss a non needed past toss
dissolving far gone reasons
pulsations anew take up new life
new dawns awakened new seasons

rhymes arrive show well worn gravity
soothe this rock on wave
crackings chipped in past falls
shed a past tense slave

journey to the core
takes the highs and falls
eventually showing inside
the glisten of an awe

a rock will come and go
reach for known insight
kicked tainted broken down
just to find it's ...

Diamond Light

My Passions:
Writing and things that spin off writing

My Challenges:
To keep thy mind opening through the heart

My Vision for the Future:
To put a stop to violence in any areas of life

My Areas of Expertise:

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Dear Brigitte ...

Thank you very much for your welcome. it will take me a while to understand how this site works. Thank you for explaining a few things to me.



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