Walking to The Lolly ...

Why Did I walk to Eat Lolly
The Kindness They Showed Quiet Me
No Violence Did happen In That Place
Like Home I did Cop Misery

Oh Lolly I Thought was Their Kindness
Oh Lolly Did tell me Not Tell
Oh Lolly I Ate with My Blindness
Oh Lolly I Thought was Not Hell

Confusing This Lolly I Needed
A Child I was young Secret Stung
This Lolly Was Symbol Say Nothing
Reward to Be Quiet Tell None

So Frightened In Home Anger Swipe Me
So Violent The Keeper Of Me
So Scared I Would Run To My Lolly
And Hide Feel The Love Shown To Me

I Look Back and See In This Lolly
A Symbol Of Such Secrecy
I Now See The Pity In Knowing
The Wrong In Them Touching Me

Oh Why Did I Fall for That Lolly
'Oh Why Did I Not See The Cause
Effect that a Child I was Taken
In Sexual Abuse That It Was

Nobody To Tell Me The Love Shown
Was Breaking The Spiritual Law
A Child I was Beaten and Scoulded
The Sexual Abuse I Ignored

So What Is The lesson In Lolly
A Secrecy Attached to This Bait
Realise That The Love Shown Did Bind Me
To Silence In Keeping This Shame

No Violence This Love I Did Not Know
Was Worse In So Many Odd Ways
For Lolly To Me Now is Breaking
The Silence Telling This Day

I Never Can Eat of That Lolly
In Dreams I did Chase to See Why
And Now I Share Don't Take a Lolly
If Touching In Spots Are The Tie

Why Did I Not See It was Wrong
Why Did It take so so so Long
To See That My Secrecy Held
Was Not Love ...

It Was Child Abuse All Along

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