Do we Think Thunder In The City
Scares A Homeless Noble Being
When All The Hidden Sorrows
Is What These Beings have Seen

Do we Ever Truly Wonder
When Snuggled Warm In Bed
What Someone Homeless Feels
Whilst Laying No Pillow for Head

Oh Sad we Must Feel Sadly
But Not A Homeless Wanderer
For Heaven Is Held Inside So Deep
Just Knowing They're Still Alive through Thunder

Have we Ever Eaten Slowly and Pondered
Each Mouthful Taken In our Stride
At The Mouths Of Those with Little to Savor
Yet Content as They Swallow Their Pride

Will we Ever Think Twice when So Picky
At The Choices of Clothing we Wear
Next Time we Pass someone Homeless
Who Sends us a Smile That They Care


Whom are Still Willing
To Give of What They've Got
'Cause They've Got the Heart
To Give ... and just Be

Something we May Have Lost

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Just as it takes a whole village to raise a child, it will take a united global community to create the kind of world we wish to see.