Who's Wearing Those Leathers
They All Look Similar Same
Who's Wearing Those SUITS
They All Look Similar Same

What's That CLOTH ...

Wrapped Around Those Heads
THEY All Look Similar Same
WHO are Those Girls In High HEELS
They All WALK Similar Same

WHO'S Wearing What
What is Wrapped Around Who
Who's Got Dress Codes Signifying Trouble
NONE Unless Individuals Choose

Who CARES What They Wear
Unless Someone wants to CONTROL
Wot Makes ANY of Them Dress Like They Do
No One They Choose Their Own Roles

Good LUCK To All Whom Communicate
Together As a Team
If It's for a Good Ride Fly Or Religious Pride
Or Just WORK It's called Living your Happy Dream

So What's The Issues at Stake If Others Want to Break
Take Away Someone's Freedom For Congregating JUST Breathing
It's Their CHOICE One Would Think One Would Believe

Not to Some Oh and Sad to Say
Is It Just Hunters After More Prey
If The Law is Looking for Trouble or Crimes
Through Dress Codes and Cultural Sublimes

Read The Signs -One Can't take Away Freedom
Look Beyond Look Beyond Look beyond
They are Fathers Mothers Brothers Sisters
Uncles Aunties Grandfathers and Grandmothers

And Oh So so so Much More
Than Just Different Shades of Codes
Behind Closed Doors ..

There are Hearts Just Like you and I
So Why Single Out Different Code Designs

WAY Beyond Dress Codes
We All like to Hang Together For Comfort
Yep Enjoy Life Have a Little Fun You Know

Before you Judge On Dress Code
See Into Individual's Eyes
There you Will See Soul Spirit Human
We're Just Different In each Others Lives


Citizen's Rights
Human Rights
Why Judge Others
That Like To Gather Together
Just because Of
Different ...

Cultural Dress Codes

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Just as it takes a whole village to raise a child, it will take a united global community to create the kind of world we wish to see.