FUNNY Isn't it We Are ALL BEAUTIFUL Yet DIFFERENT Sometimes We Feel a Flush or Blush If We are Given a PUT-Down or a Compliment

Our Behavior is Such that we ALL Do It At least Once in our Life Time Would Anyone Suppose at All A Blush to Be a Reactive Judgment

It IS merely a Judgement on Reality Victimization Upon Ourselves All Due to our Beliefs It All Comes from the Ego Well

Do you Suppose Animals Blush Or Judge Another On a Scale From Ugliness To Beauty With Limitations Being of The Outer Eye Skin Deep Trail ...

Animals Don't HAVE this Pleasure or Pain Animals Do Not JUDGE


While We as Humans Don't Like the Idea of Reducing Ourselves To the Limitations Animals Face We Can learn a Hell of a LOT From ANIMAL WORLD With Grace ...

Why not Get Rid of the Labels In Our Minds It's Merely a Major Unreal Prose At Best It's Destructive to Our Being to Make Judgement Of Another's or One's Own Outer Beauty Alone

it's all Simply a PURE Un-Reality So "SILLY" to Laugh at Another Put Down Or Praise to the Highest In Struck AWE What is Deemed Skin Deep as Such

Wouldn't it Be FUNNY If WE Saw ANIMALS Start To Act In Such a False Hood Way Funny That Would Be YES Funny In Deed ...

If we Saw our Neighbor's DOG Blush As a Hotted up CAT Passed WINKING Sweet Looking for a LUSTY FEED ..

FUNNY Yes ... Wouldn't it Be HOT to Some To Witness a Dog Blushing with ... EMBARRASSMENT

OH! That's Right! We are Also HUMAN ! So I Guess ...

ENJOY the Attractive Ride! Just Remember to Respect EVERYONE as ...

EQUAL yet Different!

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