The plight of unprotected orphan girl. Atimango Juliet like any other girl child had her own dreams. She was born in 1997 and lost both parents. A good SAMARITAN took care of her and put her at school to study. One day her uncle waylaid her on her way from school and raped her. Unfortunately that one ...act made her conceived and now she has delivered a baby.When she reported the incident to the local authority & the Clan elders. The Uncle was called before the Village gathering and given some few spankings. That's how the problem was solved,leaving this poor orphan girl to carry unwanted pregnancy for nine whole months. Now she is suffering with an incestuous baby.No one seems to care.This is a typical child- abuse. I came in contact with Juliet when I asked my brother to enrol child mothers for a tailoring class and was shocked about her plight. Juliet's baby died on Saturday and she will live with that trauma for a long time. The trauma of being an orphan and the trauma of being impregnated by your own paternal uncle, the trauma of losing a child and worse still the trauma of never achieving her dreams. But in all these, God is still God. Something will come out of it. I wrote about giving child mothers a second chance in life and this is just the beginning of my tough journey. All the girls have sad stories to tell and it's heart breaking


This young woman has been given a new opportunity to become what she is capable of being, by virtue of losing this child. I have found that some of the most powerful fuel for action is anger and grief channeled into growth.

I pray for the day that conception control is given freely to all girls living in areas where there is no safety for women and children. Conception control implants could be used with no knowledge of the males who prey on these women. At least, we are not then bringing more innocent children into the living hell created by those who look like humans, but are nothing more than prowling beasts.


Hi Y I have decided to take her come live with me while I look forward to getting a sponsor for her. We took her for medical examination for HIV/AIDS and she tested negative. However, we need to carry on more tests and repeat the other too. I have many girls waiting to be helped but this one to me appeared an emergency. I know such stories are common but the fact that God put her in my way just as I'm starting my program of childmothers, I guess it is for a reason. I'm profiling the girls and I hope some day you will come in and help me connect them with possible mentors or sponsors for their education. Kind regards Beatrice

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed it is the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead

I will pray for God to give you the strength you will need to do this work. I will also pray that God will strengthen her and make her a strong force so that she will grow to maturity and help you to do your work.

May god comfort and strengthen you. Nadz

Life is just for living

Beatrice, you are doing a wonderful job supporting the helpless girls in your community. The positive is that Juliet will gain skills that will help her in creating her own job and make a living. Above all, I am so happy you are there for her, this will make her heal faster

I believe everybody has the potential to live a better life. Given the Opportunity, Education and Motivation ANYONE can become someone admirable. Nobody is a NOBODY, everybody is SOMEBODY.