Creatives Piazza
Creatives Piazza: One of our first CP members. This photo was taken by one of CP's founder during a band competition. They won!

As a young writer, I have always ached to create a habit that becomes a culture for women in the creative’s industry to promote extraordinary creativity, personality and innovation. I understand how important it is, to  remind women everyday how important it is to be creative through their own convictions and passions. I have written for a few sites online; the amazing women groups that reach out to young talent like mine, the relationship blogs that I wrote for when my heart was bleeding and my own blog that addresses social issues in Kenya and champions for gender empowerment; bringing about balance without shaking culture, ideologies and maintaining respect and a great attitude.

Through my struggles of a writer, I have also been unlucky to have studied sociology in a field full of experts in media and journalism. I call studying sociology unlucky because my interests are purely driven to Social media management and communication; something I didn't study for, at all. I almost quit writing after a really horrible interview of being asked over and over why I have a confused life career path. The minute I chose to do Sociology, I became less of a writer in the interview board rooms.

So, when I met an artist who needed a platform as badly as I did and inspired each other's work (she sketched the emotions illustrated in my article), we realized the only reason we didn’t have pride and value for our work was simply because we had no way of championing it. For months, it was just a group of creatives; friends rather, inspiring each other. We always encouraged each other, supported each other and finally started attending seminars and realized, there are just too many of us! We had a great weapon; technology, yet we didn't use it. The IT industry in Kenya is undergoing a tremendous growth annually. With IT growth; art, music, writing & poetry, graphic design and dancing; we realized that creativity has an added benefit of placing women in the creative space in a prime position to be a part of the international creative industry. 

There was so much roaming talent but no confidence, no platform and no way to get new inspirations! We needed a platform! A place where this, the encouragement and hand holding to create beauty and value, could be possible. So, establishing a Hub for women in the creatives industry while taking advantage of technology advancements, became the fuel of our drive. In a month or two, since we already had the events and forums running among ourselves as friends, we launched a campaign on Indiegogo to raise funds and have a system made (an interactive website). Out of the $1000 goal we set, we got 12% of it. So, it was up to us to chip in and start it. We did!

We were set to provide significant opportunities for economic growth in line with the country’s vision 2030 and a few sacrifices was just a step of a thousand miles. After all, a boost into the creative space for women, is a chance to experience exponential growth since, we are empowering the backbone of the society. We already understood that the advent of better international connectivity is going to be beneficial to Kenya’s creative markets and empower the women in particular using technology. 

3 hard months, we spent sleepless nights but I am proud to say, Creatives Piazza (CP) is here. We have started with a website, have started the plans to organize affordable events monthly either for competitions, exposure or rather; fun days and have quarterly creatives forums. As we work towards the app, we as 23 year old creatives and Co-Founders of CP, have channeled our love into a platform that can help millions. We hope that the world will be a better place if we use creativity and technology to solve problems. The dawn of better international connectivity, something we envision, is going to be beneficial to Kenya’s creative markets and empower the women in particular, as we aim at having interaction with other creatives globally to ensure that we are not limited by culture or underexposure as creativity; contemporary and culture, creates a beautiful combination!


Dear Khachina,

It's so amazing to see that you are following your dreams by working so hard on them. Your piece would give inspiration and ideas to people who don't know where or how to start. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

May you become a great writer and reach new heights of creativity!!


Rupal, Thank you so much. It's moment like this that define us and how lucky am I to be a pary of a community that listens? I hope sharing my story with the world, will inspire someone as young as me, to do the same. I feel so lucky to have followed my dreams. I keep writing, with a heart full of joy and content. Thank you.

Khachina Busolo,

Dangerous woman. 

Hello Khachina,

It's so great to hear how you were able to develop your skills in writing and use them to help yourself and others. Congratulations on how far you have come on your journey, especially with Creatives Piazza, and I look forward to hearing more about your future endeavours.

With kindest regards,

Helen Ng

Dear Kachina,

The website is beautiful, the story of how it has been collectively created is inspiring. 

The best of luck in all you dream of.